Thursday, July 22, 2010

My faith in humanity restored

For all the bad things happening in the world, it was refreshing to hear this good news. Cascade Medical Team, a group of volunteer Medical professionals, and other assistants, go to Guatemala each year to do a medical & dental care blitz, are going to do a two day stint in Eugene, Oregon.
Doctors & Dentists will be available this weekend in the town of Coburg @ Monaco Coach.

This has to be one of the most humane and kind things to do.... Doctors, Dentists & Nurses donating their time to help out the most needy.  So heartening. They put a call out for volunteers, and so we signed up to help out, in whatever way we can.

You can read more about the Cascade Medical Team by clicking here.


Spadoman said...

Good stuff for sure! Thank you for volunteering to help.


Mauigirl said...

What a wonderful thing to be involved in! That's great. Thanks for an upbeat way to start the day!

Life As I Know It Now said...

So you are going to a third world country AND to a state within the union, because we here in this country are rapidly needing the same things that others in poorer countries need too I presume.

And it's great that you are not just blogging about health care but doing something about it. Kudos to you!

nonnie9999 said...

did you ever think, in this day and age, that we would need medical and dental blitzes in major american cities?

Christopher said...

So important.

I truly believe healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Cheney can smoke 4 packages of cigarettes a day, and after 4 heart attacks, gets a heart pump -- a stop-gap measure until he can have a heart transplant.

Now, I will bet you $100 his name was moved to the top of the organ transplant list ahead of others because he's a rich elite.

Fuck Cheney. I hope he dies. Any heart should go to someone less immoral and evil.

Fran said...

Spado~ I can't believe how stoked I am to be a part of such a positive effort.

Maui~ I needed some good news for a change.

Lib~ Sadly, yes, I'm going to guess that more people show up than they can handle. And it is just like a 3rd world country--right here in this county a huge amount of people w no health care.

Nonnie~ Good point.... hmm how could be possibly afford health care for people. Where would we get that kind of money???
Oh wait! The trillion & counting we blew on 2 wars???

Christopher~ healthcare is a right. I would rather have a solid public option healthcare plan than a bank bailout. Do without your $500,000 bonuses until you learn how to run your business.

Cheney... he most likely has a special place in hell, but I'm not going to give him the time of day.
I'm focusing on this high road & in awe of this benevolent & goodwill thing coming up...
gotta focus on the more enlightened path.

Anonymous said...

Today is the day. I suspect this is going to be a real eye opener.


Fran said...

Believe it or not the first day was *under attended*. Shocked because they had a front page article on it, as well as listing in the local free paper, and lots of blasts of the upcoming event on the news. The venue was 10 miles north of town, and there was no public transportation, so clearly that played a key role-- yet the volunteers went out & did a little informational flyer blitz & Sunday we seemed to have topped 300 patients seen.
With over 70,000 uninsured in the county, I thought for sure they would be turning people away.
On the flip side, it was really nice to work w a bunch of medical professionals volunteering their time & skills just to help.
We would do it again in a heartbeat.