Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things I hate...

You know how Oprah has her "favorite things" list?
I give you my "Things I hate" list....

• Purses with short straps. I am tall & on the move. I want to be able to strap the thing over my shoulder & out of the way, so I have two functional hands.

• Excessive packaging & that hermetically sealed hard plastic. You just about have to damage things to get them open.

• Clockless waiting rooms in medical offices. Sure they expect YOU to be on time....

• Defenseless drivers. Hey! Clearly you don't value my life, but at least have the courtesy to value your own. Back the hell off my bumper & look further ahead than just the bumper of the car in front of you.
Here's a Clue: A sea of red taillights ahead indicates you need to slow the f@#k down.

• Corporate bullshit: I'll work overtime when you pay me a decent wage to begin with.

• Putting up with mediocrity- If your big ticket new appliance sucks, make them take it back.
A relative bought a dishwasher (Maytag) that does not wash dishes well.
Return it, I recommended. But I've had it 3 months. New enough.
You did not know how the machine performed until you had it installed. It is a big ticket item.
She paid a restocking fee, but she was so happy she does not have to put up with this new big ticket appliance that was funky. I learned from the best! My Mom was the Queen of Consumer satisfaction....
nobody was going to make her keep something she did not like. We all work hard for our money.
Deliver a decent quality product, or take it back. Don't let them get away with it!

• Costco coupons that advertise "$20 dollars off", but fail to name the price.  $20 dollars off how much??

• Mudslinging political ads.... Quit slinging mud at the other candidate & tell me what your plan is.
Because if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

• Before you wail on the horn in a fit of rage, notice the pedestrians ahead in the designated crosswalk who have the right-of-way. You don't get extra points for running people down!

What are your pet peeves?
You know you have them.....


Lockwood said...

Game days...

Only in Oregon would we name our teams after prey animals.

nonnie9999 said...

i hate it when i'm on hold with a bank or a company, and they have a recording on a loop telling me how important my business is to them. if it was that damned important, someone would answer the fucking phone before i had to wait and listen to the recording for a half hour or more.

Fran said...

Lockwood~ Ha! Good point, had not thought about the names. Looks like the ducks are getting their duck butts kicked. Then again, maybe not... 3rd quarter & they are tied.

Oh well the coach will make $20 million over the next 6 years can laugh all the way to the bank regardless of the scoreboard.

Nonnie~ Oh yea.... robotic phone hell. One company has a recorded message saying if you sent correspondence, please allow 3 WEEKS for a response. Well! Isn't that special??
Why don;t they just say we'll get back to you when hell freezes over.
But some of those phone prompts go on & on with endless options. "Press 6 if you'd like to scream" (in that sappy prozac voice) .... I find myself saying customer service or Manager regardless of what the options are. Most of the time it works!

Someone should just have fun with it-- play Twilight Zone music & say you are in robotic voice hell.

D.K. Raed said...

People who don't identify themselves IMMEDIATELY on the phone. Hey I've got road noise in one ear, TV/music in the other, and I'm supposed to recognize a staticky hi?!? Even family and friends. Those who say "Guess Who" usually get a "Guess Not" from me.

Phony phone hucksters ... am I speaking to the Lady of the House (nah, bud, you got the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur is about to be stuck up your arse) ... is the Decision Maker at home (nah, try Crawford Ranch or maybe that fancy CC in Dallas) ... are you interested in saving money (no way, I use it like kleenex and no I'm not interested in saving kleenex either)!!!

People who ask how are you, but don't really want to hear anything but "fine".

"Have a nice day" ... when oh when will this meaningless phrase die and go to language hell.

Checkers who ask if you found everything you needed today ... does that job come with a psychiatry certficate? ... oh man if they only knew what I really needed and will NEVER find!

The grocery store line system ... they should take their cue from banks ... single line and you get the next available checker.

Developers who think nothing of whacking off the tops of hills and mountains to make nice flat building pads. Can't humanity at least attempt to live within the curves of nature?

Mauigirl said...

You've hit quite a few of my own pet peeves. Most of my add-ons have to do with driving. Here are two examples:

I hate it when someone pulls out in front of me, cutting me off at the last minute so I have to step on the brakes, and proceeds to go 25 m.p.h. in a 40 m.p.h. zone - and worse yet, behind me is a huge open space. Why couldn't he have waited till I went by before he pulled out?

I also hate it if someone is going really slowly in front of me and makes me miss the light - while they manage to whiz right through on the yellow.

nonnie9999 said...

dk, what about when the cashier excitedly tells you that you've saved x amount of dollars? sometimes, they're so excited that they'll scribble over the amount on your receipt with yellow highlighter (i think they may be excited because they've been sniffing highlighter all day). when they tell me how much i saved, i correct them and tell them, no i didn't save anything, i spent money.

D.K. Raed said...

HAH nonnie, I never considered how much highlighter they might be hitting all day! Well maybe that accounts for their odd concern about customers finding everything they need? A little highlighter induced delusion that it is possible to find everything you need? jeez, pass me the highlighter!

unrelated pet peeve ... people who walk their dogs off leash. Of course dogs can be off leash in fenced areas and dog parks, but running around a neighborhood or out in the street is NOT OK. Not safe for me, my dog, or the loose dog either, not to mention how bad the driver feels who swerves to avoid a loose dog and hits something or someone else!

or ... dogs riding loose in the back of pick-up trucks! I get so nervous driving behind these accidents-waiting-to-happen, I have to pull over and let them get far ahead. It's just not worth my having a nervous breakdown cuz some guy thinks his dog can grab onto some hot metal flatbed with his non-opposable thumbs when he jams on the brakes. And 90% of the time, there is no passenger, only the driver, so why can't the dog ride up in the cab?!!

Fran said...

DK ~ The heads up on the phone hucksters for us is the mispronouncing of the last name.
What are ya selling????
But all hail whomever invented caller ID.
So many junk/spam phone calls avoided.

The shallow "how are you", sometimes while walking away! You could answer "I'm dying" & they would not have heard!

Maui~ You got the driving blues too?
Our local freeway is a freeway, until rush hours. Then it's worse than a street.... traffic crawls, but there is always some idiot who is delusional & thinks they are actually getting somewhere faster during these hours.
Some just need to have a multiple car wreck in order to *get it*.

nonnie-- They jack up the prices to give you the sale "savings". Big whoop!

I was feeling feisty one day & a store clerk asked me if I was finding everything (maybe the 4th clerk that day in the same store)....
I asked where I could find world peace????

Apparently they were *out of stock*!

Next time I spot the highlighter, I'm gonna look for the glazed over eyes.

DK~ Loose dogs in pickup truck beds freaks me out too. You can see the dog sliding & sometimes they have 2 paws up on the high point of the side of the truck bed. Too easy to fly out. Bad owner!!!

Life As I Know It Now said...

That hard plastic thing--yeah, that really irks me but hey they don't have their items stolen I guess. It is bad on the environment, all that over packaging crap.