Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trees please... Outside the box

We've seen the traditional X mas tree.  Over the years we have evolved to a fake tree with a choice of lights... blue or clear, depending on our mood. We decided hanging the ornaments was too much work, so we skip it (besides this year they are all behind the college kid's stuff stored in the garage).
But here are some thinking outside the box, X mas tree designs:

For the shoe-a-holic

Free wheelin' bicycle parts tree

A CD Christmas tree

Dog Bone tree!

Firewood tree... With candles...Indoors?  I don't think so
Try to explain that on the insurance claim form!

Talk about cool ideas... Blocks of Ice X mas tree

Recycled Cardboard tree. Have a very Eco Friendy X mas

Sheer Genius! The ladder X mas tree. 

Wine bottle tree. Hic!

Recycled magazine tree. 

Bookshelf conversion. 


nonnie9999 said...

i love the dog bone one, but the recycled cardboard is really cool, too.

D.K. Raed said...

That dog looks like, hey, what's this, I'll just take one from the middle if you don't mind (CRRRAAAASH!).

Our local library does a glove & sock tree every year. People bring in gloves/socks and pin them to the tree. It all goes to the homeless shelter.

Fran said...

The bicycle parts tree is pretty awesome too... but they must have had access to special tools to cut pieces for the recycled cardboard tree.

DK ~ Yes the dog would probably make short work of the dogbone tree.

The sock & glove tree idea is fun... nice visual & for a good cause. Although they might add umbrellas & mud boots for all of this year's rain!