Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What am I sinking about?

The title to this post could also be "You don't miss your water, till your well runs dry".
My domestic situation, specifically my kitchen sink faucet is really not newsworthy in the big scheme of things. Indeed it seems the whole world is spinning out of control. Madmen intent on killing. Politicians either acting like sandbox bullies, corporate whores, and lacking spine to pitch a PR fit that would resonate big time. So many dire situations I can't even keep track. But in the midst of all this panic and bickering, we do manage to fund wars, and the rich ones keep their money.

So back to the sink. Maybe these ideas segway together because it has something to do with clogged faucet intake valves, and things going down the drain? There is some kind of metaphor between my trickle down plumbing issues, and lack of flow in functionality in our government & the world.

 My Moen faucet actually restricts water flow to the point of agony. OK that may be a little dramatic, but waiting 15 minutes for a slow & slower trickle of water to flow so I can have the pleasure of washing dirty dishes sucks. 
Long story short ~ (Sung in the form of a classic blues style).

My faucet's trick-a-lin
soooooooo slow
I called me a plumber - to come on in
he said this de-siiiiign, is bad to the core.....
I can't do noth-in --but walk out your doooooor

I called the man-u-facturer'
said what's the deal?
this faucet---it ain't for real
They said, we'll sent a part to your door
... in a day or  week or more......

I got the plumbin' blues..... 
water ain't flowin' like it should
this Moen faucet... it ain't no good

they sent the wrong part-
4 days late
now the water the flow is worse
and I can't relate

I got the plumbin' blues..... 
water ain't flowin' like it should
this Moen faucet... it ain't no good

I have a trackin number
of a faucet on it's way
now I need a plumber to fix it  todayyyyyyyyyy.

Maybe I am embracing focusing on this old house & it's multitude of repairs because reality is too annoying! That and packing hot water from the bathtub faucet in a stew pot to do dishes is getting old, fast. 
 Pioneer days, not so much fun, really. 


nonnie9999 said...

that video is hilarious! i really did lol at the end.

i can relate to the faucet blues, not because i don't have running water in the kitchen, but because my city had a boil water order after finding e-coli in one of the wells. having to boil water in order to wash your hands or do the dishes or rinse off fruit is such a pain in the ass. thankfully, we only had to do it for 3 days.

Fran said...

Love that "What are you sinking about" line.

As much as the whole fiasco was so very annoying... I now have to print a retraction.
A sup agreed to send a replacement faucet... I figured they would send the entry level faucet... but instead upgraded us a notch.
Here is another thing....
the first clerk said if you think we are sending you a replacement faucet that is not gonna happen.
But when I spoke w a sup, I told her this was the 2nd cartridge failure & I suspect this will just keep happening.
She asked how I wanted it resolved, and I told her I want a faucet that does not have that cartridge design.

The new faucet has a different inner design Not the internal faucet cartridge deal....
the freaking faucet is like old faithful now.

Moen really stepped up.

The boil water order is more of a serious health concern, as well as an inconvenience.
I'd probably keep boiling water for consumption just to be safe.

You have my sympathy!

Danielle Carothers said...

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Dwane Zelinsky said...

Your song dedicated to the faucet is so hilarious. Haha! I can imagine you singing it, which I think, your readers would love. The video about the coast guard is sooooo funny! LOL!

Earlene Mroz said...

Well, at least your plumbing issues gave you something to sing about. Don’t be so stressed about it. I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon. Since you live in an old house, other damages are definitely going to show sooner or later, so I suggest you have your entire plumbing system checked. That commercial is so funny, by the way! Thanks for sharing it.

Darryl Iorio said...

LOL! You’re so funny! I really like your faucet song. Bad plumbing is one of the common problems a lot of homeowners encounter, and it can really stress you out. But I’m sure there are still good plumbers out there. You just have to carefully look for them and choose one. :)