Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Socially Insecure

The Government Social Security web site now has your SSI statement online-- they can no longer afford to mail them to you! That's a "statement" in & of itself.
So click here, to get there.

You have to answer questions & set up passwords, but low & behold you can learn that if you wait until
approved retirement age - which is now "66 years old pus 8 months" (What???), what your monthly benefit will be. And if you wait to retire until age 70 ( work till you're dead?) & if you choose "early" retirement @ age 62.

Good to know.


Christopher said...

This explains it. I used to receive an estimate of benefits but they stopped arriving each year. Silly me, I thought it had to do with our moving from NY to CA and back to NY.

Fran said...

Nope, they made an announcement saying it costs too much to construct, print & mail out updates, so people would have to request the info from them... they just now rolled out the ability to access your own info online.

But I always thought retirement age was 65.
Not it is 66 and 8 months????

Where did they come up with that number???

Jerry Critter said...

It use to be 65. It is now progressing in steps to 67, I believe. (I could look it up, but right now I am too lazy.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I want to work as long as I am able to of course and I hope that will be until 66.8 now! :)

Thanks for passing on the information and duly noted.

Fran said...

Jerry~ Just my luck they will bump retirement age up to 80 something. Bastards.

Life- I don't want to HAVE TO keep working because the gvmnt is loathe to part with MY $.
I want to stay active yes, but to mandated to work to get a fair & decent share of my SSI money.
Not an gift from the government, but money they took out of my paychecks since I started working @ age 16.