Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Asking why...

From Dada's Dally:

"Why, in a nation that prides itself in the separation of church and state, the presidential candidates would agree to violate that tenet and aggrandize some narcissistic Christian evangelical hack trying to help his flock of sheep and thousands of congregations across the country decide who would make a better Christian president?"

I'm not going to debate who did better in the Religious debate forum, or if John McCain adhered to the "cone of silence". I am asking why this debacle ever occured.


Billie Greenwood said...

No doubt. This gives me the "willies." I just don't feel comfortable about it.

Dada said...

I have to confess that when I wrote this re 'the separation of church and state' I was being sarcastic almost to the max, seeing as how Bush pretty well "squarshed" the last remaining vestiges of that tenet.

But thank you Fran for your acknowledgment. It means a whole lot when it comes from someone whose opinion I really, no, REALLY, respect.

Fran said...

BE: It is creepy

Dada: You are a deep thinker & have a masterful way of blending clear eyed truth with generous servings of sarcasm. I love it!

But it bothered me that people were doing the post debate critiques ~ Did McCain play by the rules? Did Obama miss the mark on abortion questions?-- when you were asking the question they all should have--
Why is this happening in the first place,
and who is the hack in charge of the divine questioning?

We have become so used to the absurd as the norm, we forget to question the validity of the entire process, before delving into the micro absurd breakdown of the event.

I just found this analysis to be profound- thus the

Yea!!! What he said, post.

Unknown said...

Sorry but I didn't watch it. ;p

Fran said...

I did not watch it either Dusty.... we were out celebrating my Son;s birthday...

just addressing the insanity of the faith based presidential debate, from the ongoing therater of the absurd.

D.K. Raed said...

I blame watching that Bucket O'Faith night for depressing any blog thoughts lately. I'd really like to see a candidate do a Jefferson sometime & just flat-out refuse to discuss religion beyond reaffirming separation of church & state.

Fran said...

dk~ Poor baby! Subjecting yourself to such a bizarre display would require recovery time.

I'm surprised the Obama camp ever agreed to such a thing- especially after all the scrutiny & uproar his personal religious choices yielded.

Sorry the upcoming DNC might not be the elixer you need to recover either.
the dems failed to impeach the biggest Criminal & threat to homeland security in our Nation's history. How will they put lipstick on THAT pig??? Better stock up in the Mylanta & Tums. Let's hope Denver is well stocked with
laxatives & fiber, as there is a whole lot of constipation going on.