Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking the low road

By now, you've probably seen it- the lame political ad with Brittany & Paris & McCain name calling Obama a "Celebrity". Tough fighting words, John. Pointing out the obvious- he's more popular than me, is really kicking ass & taking names. Although MSM has lapped it up & given him even more primetime airtime talking about the ads, regardless of the lack of substance. It comes down to this question:

Do we want these people running the country?

McCain should be headed for retirement, not the White House.
He mixes up facts, geography, and when asked a complex question, or even something straightforward- like "Why did you vote to approve viagra to be paid for by insurance, but not birth control ?"
John had a deer-in-the-headlights look & went into a "damn, my handlers did not tell me what to say on this one" kind of stupor. There are a whole lot of disturbing things on the McCain agenda that John is not putting in his ads...

• The desire to perpetuate war (does not say how to pay for it).
• Wanting to build more "safe" Nuclear power plants.
• Supports the drilling of more oil
• Tax breaks for the very wealthy

So while John runs his juvenile "Obama is like Paris & Brittany" ad, he is NOT talking about how the US will get out of the $9,5 trillion dollar debt.
He is not disclosing his family financial info. (His beer baronness wife must have a heck-of-a-lot of wealth to decide she's not telling. Maybe the fact they own 5 palatial estates & have a waitstaff should give us a clue?

Let's just say there is a striking resemblance in the philosophies of the two & what do you get???


D.K. Raed said...

that bush-morph-mccain poster is awful creepy. If you cover from the hairline up, it is all Bush! and his eyes follow you around the room (but that is another story).

What's bothering me about the political ads is that the McC crap ads are getting shown ALL the time, for FREE, by the cable news. As if the ad itself is news & needs to be shown repeatedly so they can devote endless discussion to it. They virtually NEVER do this with Obama's political ads.

Fran said...

I hear you DK~ and I fear it will only encourage more of the same. I read some blurb that Paris Hilton did not give permission to use her photo-- maybe her & Brit can sue the McCain camp???

I had not tweaked that morphed Bush-McCain photo-- but I see what you mean re the eyes.

I dislike political ads- even for the candidate I like. Reading boring scripts while standing in front of a flag....

Show me the sanity!!!!

DivaJood said...

Love the campaign guy photo. Ugh.