Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris for President?

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die


DivaJood said...

She makes more sense than McCain. But I'm worried she'll steal votes from me and Nunly.

Fran said...

Diva--- all you have to do is promise to ***not***paint the white house pink & you've got the upper hand on the election.
Divas trump bimbo celebrities.

Besides even thou you will promote glamor, you can go with the sensible/comfortable shoes element.

She can stick her stiletto high heels where the sun don't shine- then youve clinched the chiropractic vote.

Dada said...

Fran: You're SOOO funny! Thanks for the morning chuckle to start the day.

"Divas trump bimbo celebrities," yes, but from this vid I now realize bimbo celebs trump bimbo politicians.

Paris for Veep! (I think there's an age requirement to be prez, isn't there? Like "must be 18, or 21, or growed up," or something?