Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Discussions here have recently touched on the topic of Doom & Gloom. As Warren Zevon so eloquently put it, *The Shit has hit the fan". I try to remain upbeat, and will fight like hell to stay afloat as the Bush Bankruptcy disaster seems to boomerang through our lives.

Even thought the sun may shine and I personally try to remain positive and upbeat, reality keeps imposing it's dark shadows.

The local newspaper reports unemployment in my county of residence at 11.9%.
The State is @ 9.9% unemployment rate.

The December 2008 # was 9.4%
January 2008 it was 6.2%

It is the highest level of unemployment rate in more than a quarter century.
The number has more than doubled in 12 months time. (Register Guard).

I love sarcastic humor, and I could really use a laugh now. I am scrambling to be positive, and keep it all together- but these jabs at the situation are the best I could come up with. We should invest in some sturdy boots-- we are going to be needing some heavy duty bootstraps to pull ourselves up with. We are officially in *Bootstrap Mode*. Humor me.

Big Box Mart


D.K. Raed said...

Humor has to help. And Walmart is not exactly blameless in this whole economic mess. No way.

One of the things different about this depression from the great one is that people are far-flung from the family and friends network that helped my family so much in the 1930's. My aunts & uncles all tell about having to combine family resources & make do. They even raised each others kids when necessary. However, the internet and blogs do give a lot of mental support, and sharing of ideas is never a bad thing. I guess it's our 21st century version of family. Doesn't quite put food on your family, though, does it.

Fran said...

It's all true! Wal Mart is a part of the problem, as well as the while financial scene that shifted jobs elsewhere.
Families and extended family did bond together during hard times....
now it's more like everyone is in a basic survival mode, scattered about the country.

D.K. Raed said...

I think we need some walmartini's!

1/3 tears of chinese child laborers who never see the sun;
1/3 shattered dreams of local stores driven out of biz by Walton Family (whose members are rated by Forbes as the 4,5,6 & 7th richest Americans);
1/3 endangered species habitats destroyed by huge walmart parking lots (roll these little guys up into onion shaped balls & drop into walmartini mix, yummy) ...

Use money saved from not paying any employee benefits to purchase shaved ice. Shake & pour into cheap Sam's Glass. Then throw the whole mixture onto some noxious weeds in your driveway, because there's no way in hell anyone should drink anything produced by walmart!

Fran said...

Now there's an elixir I am not drinking!

There are so many factors contributing to the economy meltdown. The company that folded here, Mr. Ramblings job loss was not a result of jobs shipped overseas- directly-- it was the perfect storm... fuel prices soared, retirement money disappeared, financing options dried up, and people did not have that retirement bundle that previous generations had.
Lots of boomers are in that era where corporations figured out they could hire someone part time, work them 39.9 hours a week and pay no benefits.
The economy was just hurting enough, that people put up with it. Add in Wall Street deregulation meltdown, a bogus bailout & Voila!
Down goes the company & the economy.

Some lady tried to argue with me, it is the result of the raising of minimum wage!
It's the poor folks fault we are in this mess!
I told her to check her numbers, because as far as I know, the billions pouring into corporate welfare
far exceed a raise in min. wage. Oregon minimum wage is now $8.40
Federal minimum wage is now $6.55 an hour- these numbers are before they take out taxes & deductions.
It is all those little people eeking out a meager existence that are the problem-- and those that want to live in houses.
When will the greed end?

Fran said...

This just in Mr. Ramblings former employer has been kicked off the Wall Street Island... no more stock market for them.
And! They figured out a way to legally fire people without giving the 60 day notice.
Imagine that.... they paid a high priced lawyer to figure out a way to cover their asses.

Going down in True corporation first style!

D.K. Raed said...

Who would've ever suspected that minimum wage earners and foreclosed homeowners wielded the power to bring about global economic collapse. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Yes, really. So happens. We can communicate on this theme.