Saturday, March 21, 2009


This has to be one of the more bizarre recession stories. Lane County Oregon made it's biggest pot bust of 2009,--746 plants. An entire 2 story rental house was used for nothing but a marijuana growing operation. The people who rent, but do not live in the house were located in a different rental in town & were issued citations. They were not taken to jail, because the jail only operates at a fraction of it's capacity, due to budget cuts. Furthermore- they are discussing potentially going to a 4 day a week of court sessions, also due to budget cuts!


Distributorcap said...

further proving the 'was' on drugs is a complete waste of time and money

another reason why this country is falling apart - perhaps eric cantor should smoke ome of this stuff

Annette said...

I agree the so called War on drugs was a waste of time and money.. on so many levels.
There have been a few of these busts made around here.. with one house full of plants, grow lights hooked up and the electric hard wired into the lines outside directly, bypassing the meter so there is no way to even catch it, and the squatters usually living somewhere else. Because they didn't even own or rent the house it was usually a foreclosure or empty house and they just used it. They were doing the same thing in Florida a couple of years ago.

Fran said...

I saw clips of the place-- they had a serious operation going on there... but neighbors said they had an airconditioner running even in the midst of winter!
I guess it is good they were not taken to jail...
they are not a threat to society-- in fact they have one of the few solvent and lucrative business entities around.

The gvmnt really needs to rethink this whole thing.

Dr. Know said...

Our prisons are full of "criminals" who have participated in an activity that a large portion of society, of all walks of life, have long embraced. I think it is long past time that MJ be legalized, or at minimum decriminalized. Too many people have had their lives thrown into chaos for this victimless crime - especially during the BushCo years where states rights were attacked by the Federal administration over this issue. And compared to alcohol, the "damage" done to society by this weed is laughable. Considering the number of icons on this post, I'm guessing that Fran is a fan... ;-)

Fran said...

Purely decorative graphics, DK.

Anyway-- I agree mj is less damaging than alcohol & clearly has medicinal value.

D.K. Raed said...

(hey, Dr Know is also a DK) -- well in other marijuana/recession news, CA may be seriously considering decriminalizing so they can tax it. yep, pot might help replenish the empty state coffers. they already fought for medical MJ so this is just another step toward ... REEFER MADNESS ... AW-HAHAHAHAH!

Dr. Know said...

OK - Fran.
But I'm still suspicious. ;-)

The Nobles should seriously consider legalization - little else makes one as unmotivated to chop off the heads of the oligarchy. :-o

Fran said...

Good observation DK is DK & Dr. Know will be Dr. to discern between you two lovely writers.

DK~ Good thing California is waking up & smelling the Sativa! Being the Agriculture state they are, they would do well to promote & sell this very lucrative plant.
Things really have gone to pot in California-- may as well make it official.

Dr. - Highly observant! (pun intended). They need to think of it as natural prozac. They are going to need something to quell the masses. Tax the stuff & make a profit-- kind of like tobacco, only better.