Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will it or won't it???

The Revolution WILL be televised

The Revolution will NOT be televised

Thought for the day:

Wars are like construction projects, they always cost more, and take longer than planned.


Annette said...

Fran, Thanks for coming by and your thoughts.. I know things are a mess with the wars..but at least he is trying to clean them up. Lets hope he can get us out of there sooner and once out we can stay out. I truly think once he gets the mess that Bush left us in cleaned up, we will be out of the war business, he does seem to focus more on diplomacy more than anyone we have had for a lot of years. He did stand tough on the number of troops going to Afghanistan, they wanted 30,000, he said NO, and would only sign off on te 17,000 and a full review until he sees the exit stradegy. So, like I said I really think he is working on getting us out of there.

I too, have hope on everything else. He just has so much on his plate he is picking his battles and putting some things on the side right now. No, I am not deluding myself, and no I am not happy with everything, but it has only been just over a month, and I do think we have to give him a little time. He has got a HUGE mess on his hands.

Just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Christopher said...

I'm so worried about the apparent reach of the neocons in the State Department and the Pentagon who are stroking Obama's balls over the use of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

If there's an arguable security risk to the U.S. it is at our border with Mexico. The deteriorating situation in Mexico and the growing power of the 11 drug cartels is something that has the ability to threaten all of us in America.

In Phoenix, AZ, a metropolitan area of 4 million people, last year alone there were 350 kidnappings-for-ransom cases and police say an equal number went unreported to Maricopa County law authority. Virtually 100% of these events had ties to the 11 drug cartels located in Sinoloa, Mexico.

President Obama, please stop letting the neocons yank your chain over Afghanistan and bring the troops home immediately. They need to be protecting the U.S. at the Mexican border.

Fran said...

Annette: I absolutely understand Obama has the weight of the world on his shoulders & the serious problems are vast in quantity, and immense in importance and complexity. I admire his desire to step up at this totally messed up point in history & even try to fix the ruins of our country. Every direction you look is another huge problem. He has my respect for taking the job & all he & his family had to endure to get there.
I also do like a lot of what he is doing- the shutting down of Gitmo, no more torture, money for the people.
I am also very aware that it took "W" 8 long years to get us into this mess, and we can't realistically expect Obama to fix everything in the first 100 days. I am also disgusted that the GOP is fighting every step of the way, when their gross mismanagement got us here in the first place.

That being said, two major things I don't like about his platform or choices, are having the Bush people heading up the "war effort".... they re hawks & all they know is the military industrial complex. So it's no surprise their recommendations involve *more wars*. That is their mindset, that will always be their "solution".

Although Obama is holding the line at 17,000 troops,(not comforting to those whose loved ones are in that group) at the same time, Biden is saying we know Afghanistan will yield higher casualties.

The geography and the history pretty much guarantee it will be difficult, and I'd be willing to bet 17,000 troops won't be enough. We will be hearing the same kinds of speeches we always hear with wars- we are on the brink of victory... we just need more money, more troops, more time.

I hope I am wrong, but after Vietnam & Iraq, I can't help but notice a pattern.

The rugged terrain, and the fact that public announcements of the Afghanistan surge have been made for a year, has given the opposition time to organize. Already the IED's are popping up in Afghanistan.

We've already been there 8 YEARS.

There is no satisfaction in being correct about this matter. It is a continuation of suffering, destruction & death. Even if you "win" everyone loses.

Plus the lack of reality check about the finances.
Why do we have money for war & everything else takes a back burner?

I don't want to debate about IF we should be photographing deceased soldiers bodies being repatriated, I want us to stop having deceased soldiers.

Oh & yes I think the Revolution will be televised or recorded in some fashion.