Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A State Patrol Trooper in Bellevue Washington, noticed a dangling seat belt buckle on the passenger side & pulled over a car in the carpool only lane. Washington State law requires all passengers wear seatbelts, and at least two people ride in a vehicle in the carpool lane.
Turns out the passenger was created out of plastic pipe, foam, and a Gandolf (Lord of the Rings) Halloween mask- wearing a rain jacket and baseball cap.

The trooper issued a $124 ticket & confiscated the Wizard.

The moral of the story: Don't be a dummy! Buckle your seatbelt!


Annette said...

I have seen many things in my travels.. people try everything to drive in the HOV stuffed animals, blow up dolls, everything.

So nothing really surpises

Fran said...

Will Peter Jackson who made the epic trilogy film, Lord of the Rings-- make a sequel where Gandolf the Wizard winds up in Bellevue Washington in a carpool lane with.... the Ring???

Will the Ents or Fairies rescue him from the Police department Evidence room?

Will Galdolf become the permanent Wizard mascot of the Police department?

To be continued...

enigma4ever said...

ahhhh Seattle - the I5 express lane...people there make all kinds of dummies to ride with them...( I confess when I did home care nursing there I too had a Riding buddy that I made to ride with me so I could use the lane to get to patient's homes faster...)

but Gandalf...that's great...