Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrity Death Fixation!

ABC is working on a new show in the Fall called *Celebrity Death Fixation*.
No more worries about the airwaves only being flooded for a day or two with old dredged up footage of the now deceased stars file archives!

Highlights include:

• Old footage of Barbara Walters interviews
• Recaps of hard times & controversies in their lives (no rest for celebrities).
• Up to the minute autopsy reports
• CD's & DVD's can be purchased for a 20% discount for obsessed fans
• Vague comments by Network Medical consultants
• Brief references of criminal behavior, overshadowed by Sequined garb & glitz

• Tearjerking glimpses of stupid things Celebs did in the past
• Unrelenting on the street mourning scenes, where dedicated fans show their love, by selling t shirts & stuff.
• Commentary by the venerable Reverend Al Sharpton


nonnie9999 said...

good thing that the thing in iran is all settled, the economy is going gangbusters again, and everyone has health care coverage. if not, the "news" channels would not have enough time to tell us the thread count of the sheets that were on the bed jacko was found on.

forgive my blasphemy, but this over-the-top 24/7 coverage is disrespectful. allow those who loved him to grieve in private, and leave the rest of us alone.

Fran said...

This larger-than-life treatment is a part of what causes so many superstars to crack.
We are humans and this making *idols* means their lives are not normal.
Let's face it, MJ's life was anything but normal.

I know lots of people consider themselves fans, but the truth is he was a tormented soul. He had serious issues with some degree of pedophilia , so it's hard for me to join the "fan bandwagon".

I hope his troubled soul is at peace & let his close family give his some dignity in his passing.

nonnie9999 said...

dignity? the jackson family? i suspect that old joe will make sure to make lots of noise and keep things going so a lot of merchandise can be moved.

while i may be sad that a particular celebrity has died, i refuse to buy into the mourning mentality that seems to persist these days. i don't know these people, and their passing will have no effect whatsoever on my life. i'll grieve for the people i know and love, not for a face on a movie or tv screen. we really have no idea what any of these people were like in real life. it's up to their families and friends to do the mourning, not us.

Fran said...

You're right.... they are already auctioning stuff off & touting his supericonic fame to help jack up Jacko's coffers.

Watch- they will go after the cardiologist who already has a long list of lawsuits against him.

Apparently team Jackson did not do their homework on this doctor. Or he was the only doc they could find who would allow all the Rx meds
MJ wanted.

This circus has only just begun.
A second autopsy.
Child custody hashout.
If there is money who gets it?

Lulu Maude said...

Nothin' like a train wreck.