Monday, June 22, 2009

Socialized Medicine ~ and other horrors

As Congress plays out their discussions of Health care reform, they are "shocked, shocked" by what the costs will be.
Self admitted "hothead", RNC spokeslunatic Michael Steele says the claims by the democrats are all lies.
Maybe he thought the GOP had sole rights in the lying department?
No one ever seems to be shocked when hundreds of billions bail out greedy Wall Street tycoons, or even the Auto industry, when they shot themselves in the foot by dragging their knuckles when it came to fuel efficiency & alternative options.
They got a stern lecture about private jets.... but they also got hefty bailout money.

Congress wields the APPROVED stamp for war funds (check out the side bar & watch those cost of war numbers spin).... careful though, it might make you dizzy!!!

Bottom line, all that money would have been a tidy sum in which to fund healthcare.
Congress are like the Zombies in this sci-fi horror movie, giving out money to every other entity, but health care for the masses, is just too much.

Cue blood curdling scream.


nonnie9999 said...

i'm waiting to see someone roll out what the numbers will be if nothing changes. i bet that total would be far higher than if there was single payer.

i wrote an email to my senator, bill nelson, and said that he and his fellow senators are not listening if they don't realize that people want universal health care. after a few days, i got a standard bullshit email about how concerned he is and how difficult it is to figure it all out. wahhh-wahhhh.

Fran said...

The thing that gets me is these fat cat bureaucrats call it a "healthcare system". We really don't have a system, we have a patchwork of haphazard programs that is more like a crocodile filled mote one must try to cross over to get healthcare. All kinds of perils.... the insurance companies like to taketh but when it comes to honoring claims, the name of the game is to find loopholes in which to deny claims, or procedures,
or drop people from insurance coverage altogether-
AND-- it's legal for them to do so.

Dec '08 #'s:
46 million- including 9 million children are Uninsured.