Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Psycho squirrel

We usually think of squirrels are bushy tailed critters that live in our neighborhoods, as nut gathering neighbors that frolic by our homes, we peacefully coexist. Like the critter pictured to the left.

Yesterday morning, however, a trio of frisky, perhaps hyper squirrels came scampering through my yard. As I sat at the table eating breakfast toast, the biggest of the three spotted me- and charged towards me, running. Me and or my breakfast were not safe! But what the psycho squirrel did not know, was there was a sliding glass door between us. That sucker charged at top speed & smacked right into the glass! Oh if only I had film footage of this incident.

It's squirrel face was pushed right up to the glass & kind of distorted it's face. As it bounced off the glass it kind of shook it's head, and then scampered away. A few minutes later, the smaller squirrel did the same thing, as I heard another loud bang at the door.

Often in the morning we open the door & run a fan to let in cool fresh air in the summer.
I gave the husband the warning about the psycho squirrels-- to be careful not to let in fresh squirrels in the morning!


Fran said...

OK you probably had to be there to understand the experience..... but I had that *holy crap* what the hell is this squirrel doing moment.
It was creepy enough watching it from behind the door. Never saw a squirrel act so aggressive before.

nonnie9999 said...

squirrels are hilarious to watch. there's one (or maybe more than one, who can tell them apart) that hangs around my backyard sometimes. i call her squirrely shirley. one second, she acts pretty normal, and the next it's as though a firecracker went off in her ass. she starts doing flips, running around, and bouncing off trees. i throw her some peanuts, and it confuses the hell out of her when it interrupts her bouncing off trees. she chases ducks, too.

Fran said...

OK~ that may be the best description of psycho squirrel behavior... firecracker in the ass syndrome!

All that was missing was that horror movie psycho attack music.

Spadoman said...

I wonder if the squirrel running into the glass is like the whales beaching themselves or some other animal behavior oddity.

We once had a power outage. It was caused by a squirrel that gotten hung up, literally, between two wires way up on the power pole. When the wind blew, the squirrel sparked and sent a shock into the fuse box. Poor thing.

I'm home from a wonderful wet snowy motorcycle ride. Hope you missed me.


Mary said...

Well that was a hell of a lot more interesting then the Renaissance. LOL!

Fran said...

Spado! Glad you had a safe albeit wet & cold adventure.

As for the squirrel-- it really had a possessed look in its eyes. For a moment it felt like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There is plenty of foraging out there.... why me? Why my toast?

Mary~ Poor baby, so immersed in school, a story of a psychotic squirrel is a refreshing break. Has it really come to this?

lisahgolden said...

That's hilarious and disconcerting. I had to read this to MathMan who has been waging war against the thieving squirrels on the birdfeeders.

D.K. Raed said...

grrrl, ya must be keeping them glass sliders too clean! let a little dirt build up on 'em and help out da squirrely peeps.

of course this happens way too many times with birds. perhaps you've had a freakish species crossover?

Fran said...

Lisa~ Squirrels~ Love 'em or hate em....
they sure are relentless buggers.

DK-- Wow! I have not been accused of keeping my place too clean before! But we don;t have the same mud marks as when we had our dog.

So far no new *attacks*.... but when squirrels get tweaky like that, I start thinking *rabies*.

Maybe I need to keep the water cannon at the ready?

Anonymous said...

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