Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

The CDC posted this weeks #'s

Last week
17,855 cases & 44 deaths

This week
21,449 cases & 87 deaths

3594 new cases in 1 weeks time & 43 additional deaths. These are confirmed stats for the US only.

Seems like the Swine Flu has faded from the news lately, but the fatality rates are up.

Keep up that heightened germ consciousness!


nonnie9999 said...

i went to the doctor the other day, and outside the window where you sign in, there was a huge (and i mean huge) pump bottle of purell. i thought to myself that stores, schools, and other public places would be doing a great service by having that available for customers and employees. it wouldn't cost a lot, and it would probably save the storeowners some money and aggravation by not having to pay out sicktime wages.

Fran said...

Hand sanitizer is dirt cheap compared to what swine flu can do, no doubt. When it first hit, several stores were wiped clean out of stock. Not one little bottle left.
But it's back in stock now & a great idea.

Are they serving it to drink in the medical complex cafeteria? Salute!

43 deaths in a week is a big deal.
We still need to stay on top of the swine flu situation.