Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patriotic Crap!

O M G!!!!

I actually came across this weird ass product while looking for a sympathy card in the card aisle at the store.

This guy is for real touting is as a great thing.... but tune in for the spin:

 He prattles on about how *amazing* it is that this company Actually uses U.S. Flags-- MADE IN AMERICA!!!!! What a jaw dropper- because most U.S. flags are made in China. 
and then in smaller print *Assembled in China*.

Like a moth drawn to the flame I hit the on button.... & yes this crappy thing began to wave.... and play music loudly. Ugh... too much! Make it stop, I thought.... so I pushed the button again....to no avail.... the damned thing started playing a 2nd, then third song. 

A part of me wanted to do a primal scream right there in the card aisle......
but I walked away.... behaving like I did not know who the hell started the damned thing on it's patriotic music rampage.  I did not know if I should laugh or cry, or just run my cart over the thing & put it out of it's misery. 

The maker of this disaster is also responsible for the Furby motion toy. 

Wapo reports:
He put a flag trivia quiz on the box. And he touts his attention to detail -- such as the decision to make the toy in China but to have the flag made by Valley Forge Flag Co. in Pennsylvania."We would never put a foreign-made flag on the thing, for goodness' sake," he said. Ahhh but his creative flair does not end there....
Levy recognizes that the technology behind the Wave flag has other applications beyond the patriotic. He is working on a version that displays NASCAR banners and another using college flags and fight songs. Another idea Levy wants to pursue is baby gifts for hospital shops that say "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" on a waving flag that plays a lullaby.
"We're in a fashion industry -- never get caught with your trends down," Levy said." 
I'm guessing his staunch "Made in America" (but only the flag, not the complex electronic parts of manufacturing) public display will end with the US flag. I bet China can make flags cheaper, faster, and maybe even more toxic?
Like the NASCAR crowd will give a shit!
*** Sorry this was the only video I could find of this product. Needless to say I am not subscribing or endorsing his bozo review.... you just had to see the pathetic product it to understand what I'm talking about.  Plus the article said he gave one to then president Bush & his partner in crime- Rumsfeld. Ewww! Now I loathe this product even more. 
I would have loved to hear the opinions about it, amongst workers in the Chinese manufacturing facility. 


nonnie9999 said...

it's no billy bass.

Fran said...

Bwaaa ha ha! I remember that piece of work.... then came the singing deer head w horns.

The sweat shop manufacturing people are probably saying *I can't believe those idiot Americans would buy shit like this.... have they no pride?
All we have to do is put a microchip to make something move & or sing & they are hypnotized!!!

I zoned in because I was thinking.... I bet it's made in China.

Sho' enuf

D.K. Raed said...

Doesn't it say it all that this guy chooses to see his holy American Flag as a TOY? A children's PLAYTHING?

and oh my, if I saw this crappy thing in a store and it wouldn't shut up, I would hope I had on my big stomping boots!

Fran said...

DK ~ He mentioned they are sold in Toys R Us-- an actual toy store.... I saw it in Wal Mart.... I think they will sell it anywhere, to anyone who will buy it.

So many people only have to see the red white & blue & they are hooked.... they don't even think about where they are made or if it denigrates the flag.