Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something completely different

Potato salad has NEVER had this effect on me. You???

Ok... then I found this parody......

Who could resist mocking this routine???


Volly said...

This has certainly gone viral!

Neither my mother nor her sister appear in this video, but they could have. My grandmother was a real "Mama Rose" type, always hoping her flexible daughters would become famous. Later, my mom found the whole business terribly embarrassing. I wish she could have seen this.


Fran said...

These people look like they are made of rubber bands.
All I ever get from potato salad is a few pounds heavier.
Watching these contortions makes my knees hurt.
I bet those ladies have a good laugh looking back on this film clip- as they head to the chiropractor!

D.K. Raed said...

wow, just watching them made my back ache!

maybe these ladies are the ancestors of some of the cirque de soleil performers?

also I note that they managed to be in such great shape without having that rippling hard muscular look. I swear some of these girls today appear like they are made of wood.

nonnie9999 said...

amazing! has michael phathead steele seen this? all he needs is another youtube video of someone singing about fried chicken, and he'll be all set to expand the rethuglican party.

Fran said...

Ha ha ha Nonnie~ I thought of Mr Chickin' Steele hoping he does not make this a part of his recruiting

DK~ I did a little research on these fembots...

The Ross Sisters were a trio of female sibling dancers consisting of Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross (whose real names were
Vicki (Veda Victoria Ross),
Dixie (Dixie Jewel Ross), and
Betsy (Betsy Ann Ross), performed as a 3-part harmony trio wherein they also danced and did acrobatics.

Imagine thinking ELMIRA is a better name choice???


The film was made in 1944, that means they were 15,17 & 18 years old in this clip.

I can see where a pliable 15 year old might be able to make bones & joints move like that.

a ball of Light said...

the crucial question to which i'd like to have the answer: is Solid Potato Salad a german type with vinegar or a southern type with the mayo slathered in - an inquiring, never to be that flexible again, yogi's mind would like to know.

Dada said...

Okay, I'm mustering all the courage I can to post this. I have this deep fear I will be misunderstood.

You see, watching the Ross Sisters sing about potato salad (with keen prurient interest as I admittedly was), I confess to having the same thought over and over again. And that thought was, "Jerry Seinfeld."

Those of you familiar with that sitcom might recall the episode wherein Seinfeld has this fantasy about dating a Russian gymnast because of her 'pliability' (that's putting it nicely as I can).

Hopefully you can understand my reluctance for confessing this, but the lasciviousness of my recurring thoughts of the Ross Sisters are not of my origin, i.e., blame it on Jerry Seinfeld.

(I was more interested in the aesthetic attributes of their performance, of course.)

Fran said...

ABOL: That IS of utmost importance.... all I can say is they lived in Texas, but one moved to Europe. This recipe/style of potato salad question may just remain one of life's mysteries.

Dada~ It's your birthday-- you can get away with quite a bit today. So yes, you CAN blame it on Seinfeld (I remember the gymnast episode)....
Let' just say being THAT flexible is likely to yield Ahem, multiple talents.

We skirted that one nicely, eh?

Dada said...

Whew! Thanks, Fran, for cutting me slack on this *special* day. I figured I could count on you to go easy on my previous comment. Thanx again. (Yes, excellent job of skirting this nicely.)

nonnie9999 said...

fran, michael phathead steele and his band of merry rethuglicans have had to go into more contortions than the ross sisters ever did to explain their moronic stances.

Fran said...

nonnie~ Oy!

Anonymous said...

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