Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another GOP guy for the Apology tour....

Joe "You Lie" outburst Wilson needs to join the Public apology tour.
It's not enough that he just called Obama after his rude episode in the President's Health Care reform joint session.

I think Joe was made to apologize, then quickly went public to say "No more apologies".

Joe liked that he was able to yell out publicly, then apologize privately, therefore saving his face.

It's not about making Joe comfortable.

The House voted to rebuke him....

Make Wilson apologize---in public--- for his outburst.

Time to eat some humble pie, Joe.

We ALL want to hear the apology-- a little louder this time.


Spadoman said...

I don't listen to the crap they say in the first place, so I won't listen if they apologize. They're assholes.

Peace anyway though.

PS Thanks for that insulin info. Very helpful.

Fran said...

It IS crap, no doubt- but it seems to be served up with a side order of racism.
If we don't draw the line for these asshats, they will continue to push the limits.

nonnie9999 said...

i don't think it matters at this point. his first apology wasn't sincere, and subsequent ones would be just as insincere.

Fran said...

For me it is a matter of principal.

Wilson made this public outburst (macho/rude), then he made a private apology. Easy for him, but then he's still kind of talking trash....
there will be no more apologies.

He made a public outburst, he should make a public apology.

Let the bastard be a little uncomfortable after his mini tyrade.
He needs to show respect. Eat crow.