Monday, September 7, 2009

Working Class Heroes

What can I say?
As a person who has worked for several large large corporations, & still working for one- this song really captures it.
Jaded, embittered, disenchanted, yes.

I've seen too much of the inhumanity of the corporate world.
I am pretty amazed that I somehow figured out a way to work within it & tolerate it.
How many of us choose to do so in order to get health insurance-- working in an At Will position,
(meaning they can let you go at any time for no reason at all).
That does not mean a part of me does not want to launch a strike & organize a Labor Union.
But we've seen how that plays out. If the corporation gets wind of it, people get fired & that sends the chilling effect to the rest of the workers.

It is an employer's market right now--

The mantra is- You're lucky to have a job. Even if it is unrealistic expectations, low wages, and exploitive.

Happy Labor day ~ Working Class Heroes!


Spadoman said...

Hope your day is a good one despite the work. I honor labor today, I honor you.


Fran said...

Hi Spado~ What a mixed bag it is-- to be thankful to have work & a roof over me head & most importantly medical coverage. I am very thankful for those things... but we- the working class, labor pool carry the load, and pay the price of the whims of corporations.

Pensions & long term insurance programs have mostly gone the way of the dinosaurs- with the exception of some elite, overpaid execs.

Even some of those lucky enough to have had such programs find those being slashed & or abandoned. All of which make health care reform all the more necessary.

To the laborers!

Life As I Know It Now said...

My husband works for a union but it's the weakest it's ever been and the benefits the union get are less and less each year.

We need the biggest strike of them all and have a fucking revolution!

Fran said...

It does not take long to figure out who is getting the raw end of this labor deal.

If you're not the lead dog, the view does not change!