Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Courage & Consequences

Code Pink welcomes Karl Rove on his book tour! In their special style, they let Karl know what they think about this "resume" of deeds in the Bush2 administration.
Essentially, they ran Karl out of the venue, no books were signed- ironically his book is titled "Courage & Consequences".

In an unrelated interview, Joy Behar was asked if she would read Karl's book, her response was "I prefer non-fiction".


nonnie9999 said...

what a sniveling coward. he had to flee, because people disagree with him. they weren't violent or threatening, and he still couldn't handle the heat. what a weasel.

D.K. Raed said...

the man's whole life is a lie -- remember when Sheryl Crow touched his arm and he got all pissy about being touched, like he's some kind of royalty or something. poor Karl, his soul was lost when he gave it to his BFF "W".

Fran said...

Ok well, one Code Pinker did have handcuffs, but later she was still in the room w cuffs & backed off away from him.

I really liked Joy Behar's quick wit-- referring to Rove's book as fiction.

I'm sure his version of reality is out there.

Dk ~ Rove is considered to be one of the (evil) masterminds in the Shrub regime.