Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cry Babies

Of course we know the GOP/teabaggers have upped the ante & are now either doing acts of violence- the bricks are flying through windows, or promoting them , Palin's advice of "Don't retreat - instead reload".

Just to make sure that is not ambiguous, she adds a (gun) crosshairs graphic & addresses.

When called out on this obvious call to violence, Palin said the press is "ginning up" the topic.
A call of arms to "reload" means voting, she said.

The phrase “to gin up” means “to rev up,” to incite, or to concoct, usually referring to heightening enthusiasm or interest in a topic.

No sale.

Telling an angry mob of gun toting wingnuts to reload & publishing addresses is benign?

If Palin were really promoting people to vote, wouldn't she be giving out the addresses of the places to vote?

Palin's god bless the troops, lock & load rhetoric is like a hateful cancer, and she is more than happy to spread it around. The Queen of the teabaggers churchlady has a nasty mean streak.


Mauigirl said...

Well said. And thanks for posting those two great videos!

Mauigirl said...
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Mauigirl said...

Sorry, duplicate post so I deleted one.

nonnie9999 said...

a nasty mean streak? she's mean and nasty through and through. the only streaks she has are the work of a hairdresser.

D.K. Raed said...

in NV today Palin said her "reload" wording was misunderstood. she said it was meant to empower the voter, "to arm the voters". somehow that did not reassure me.

Fran said...

Ok Nonnie~ thanks for the correction. I'm thinking she really is possessed. Maybe sometime soon you will do a Palin exorcsit movie poster.

DK ~ Reload means vote, suuure-- so what does Crosshairs on the map mean? Cookies n milk?
Holy week crucifixes?