Friday, March 19, 2010

No Justice, No Peace

I can barely make myself write this post, on the seventh anniversary of the Iraq war. It's not even a war, it is an illegal occupation, and I am disgusted that it still rages on, long after the evil empire that started it is no longer in power. I'm not going to write a long rant. I'm sick of it. I am ashamed that our country was duped into it, and even with new leadership, we are not only still stuck in the quagmire, but we have escalated in Afghanistan, and now inching over the border into Pakistan, with drone planes. I want it to stop. These wars have bankrupted us both morally, and financially.

4385 U.S. Soldiers have died, and an estimated 1,366,350 Iraqis have died.
Millions of lives, and trillions of dollars ~ wasted.
We are not any more secure.
Democracy has not been installed.

The following is a no holds barred video that came from the blog of the recently deceased Brother Tim O'Donnell.
I learned about him through Border Explorer, who had mentioned he was a total hands on, radical liberal man of faith, who walked the walk. Anyway, after he passed away, I went to his web site & found this video.

The following is a graphic video portraying the reality of the U.S. presence in Iraq, it speaks the truth.

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