Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the????

Much to my surprise disgust, I discovered this device installed @ my workplace on Monday.

I shit you not! They actually put this obnoxious motion sensor device in the restroom. I mean seriously... what is this Romper room? Are we being punked? Is this a candid camera stunt?
We are adults here.  Then I started to wonder if this robotic Mother/intrusion device would have new phrases on different days.... first it was telling me to please remember to wash my hands before I even hit the throne, what would it say tomorrow?
Stand up straight, you're slouching!
Did you make your bed today?
Eat your vegetables!

I swear, my gut instinct is to rip this annoying bitch off the ceiling & flush it down the toilet. Also just to put some perspective on it, this is a 10 stall bathroom- so besides your own entry & exit this thing mouthing off, it does so for anyone else paying homage @ the flushers as well.  You might hear the robotic message 5 or more times in the course of one piss in the pot!

Oddly they only installed them in 2 of the 4 banks of restrooms.
This device could not be more annoying.


Fran said...

Oh! That rolling list of suggestions of where to put it (Oh yes, I have a suggestion alright!).

But they should include these places too:

strip clubs

smutty bars

houses of ill repute


Places Televangelists frequent

Whore houses




Dada said...

Incredible, just incredible. Love your list, Fran. Oh, and I can think of one more suggestion where they can stick these, but then what would remind us to wash our hands after doing so? (And, yes, I KNOW you've already thought of that one and been kind enough to *forget* to include in your list above. ~vbg )

Life As I Know It Now said...

oh boy, what will they think of next? my husband now has a camera on him almost everywhere at work, for safety supposedly. it really pissed him off and I remember blogging about it a couple of years ago.

nonnie9999 said...

what? no reminder to wipe your ass? let's face it, anyone who doesn't "remember" to wash their hands after being on the shitter is someone who never washes their hands after being on the shitter. those people won't be hounded into washing their hands by an annoying voice coming from the ceiling.

i could see putting this in an elementary school where the little ones have to be reminded to wash their hands, but adults shouldn't have to be treated as children.

Fran said...

Dada~ I'm guessing the White House and or Lobbyists? Big oil & the military industrial complex probably belong on the list too.

Lib~ It is really out of hand. What's funny is even with cameras everywhere & 24/7 security guards, someone managed to remove a large letter from the entranceway... about 2.5 feet tall letter.... it changed the word "cruises" to "ruises". It remained that way for many months because they had to special order a replacement letter.

Nonnie~ The bathrooms have eco friendly lighting that turns itself off when no one is in there (motion detector) so some people took a step into the restroom in the dark & this atrocity kicked in. Creepy! Even with the lights on, I really did have a "What the???" moment.
Everyone has commented on how they hate it, & how obnoxious it is.

lisahgolden said...

That is obnoxious!

Spadoman said...

Big brother is watching, (and listening to) you.

D.K. Raed said...

but apparently your employer only cares about people's hand-washing habits in 2 out of 4 bathrooms? do the other bathrooms have a mandatory antibacterial hose down mounted on the exit door, or what?

oh yeh, after showing the easy installation, the vid texts, "that's it. your done." GRAMMER ALERT! I'd refuse to wash my hands for a product that doesn't recognize verbs.

Fran said...

LOL DK ~ Notice the 2nd set of holes drilled in the ceiling? Maybe it was not that easy after all. But in the beginning they emphasize the fact that this device come WITH SCREWS!!!
WOW! They have really outdone themselves here & ONLY $29.99 WITH SCREWS.
Clearly they struggled to decide if the screws should be included.... but they did the right thing.
Nobody is on their own for screws with this fine product!

Now some folks are saying they are specifically going to the other bank of restrooms to avoid dealing with this annoying machine.
Overall, the workplace consensus is *hate it*.