Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We've been Grinched!

Notice the striking resemblance???

Today, all 42 Senate Republicans have signed a letter pledging to block action on every bill being considered by Congress until action is taken on tax cuts and government funding.

The action they want on the "tax cuts" is FOR THE RICH. 

So if these bastards are pretty much saying they will not work in the month of December, I say let them go home now & not get paid for the month, the current salary for 
rank-and-file members (and I do mean RANK),  of the Senate is $174,000 per year. 
$14,500 per month if you divide it by 12 months. 

Multiply that x 42 Senators, that's $609,000 bucks. 
Cut their cushy benefits package & health insurance as well. 

Who amongst us working stiffs could declare that we refuse to do anything unless we get our way? Even those with Unions receive a "get back to the job by X date, or you will be replaced" kind of response. 

Also, let's not lose site of the fact while they are pushing for Tax cuts for the rich, they let extended unemployment benefits stop, for those who are, ironically suffering the ruination of the economy, in part by 10 previous years of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy & failure to pay attention to the economy at all. In my perspective, that makes these bastards even worse than the Grinch-- letting those in need be cut off just before the holidays & in the winter months, while refusing to do anything before the wealthy get theirs. 

The freaking party of no is already pulling this kind of bullshit-- I dread what will happen in 2011 when they take over the House of Reps. 

Really, there should be riots in the streets over this inhumane move. 
They want regular folks to work till they are 69 years old, paying for their cushy salaries, while they make sure those with the most get more???

Time to bring out the pitchforks & torches. 



Life As I Know It Now said...

Excellent post and commentary. I think they should be fired right NOW.

Anonymous said...

And then they stand there and declare that Teh Democrats aren't "in tune with the American people."

WTF "American people" are they talking about - the brain-dead twits who drank their Cool-Aid of Lies???

Great post, very direct and so true.

nonnie9999 said...

the grinch exudes more warmth than yerle mcconnell ever did.

Fran said...

Not only is the GOP the "Party of No", but now they are sending official notices about morphing into a lockstepped gang refusing work unless their priority agenda is addressed?

Is this their Welcome Wagon for things to come in the 2011 Congressional future?

Obama should do an about face on his bending over backwards to appease the GOP approach.

They should do the exact opposite than wht the GOP is demanding.

Put forth all kinds of legislation about caring for the poor & elderly & making secure social security.... it will put in the spotlight who the GOP really are, for those who remain confused.

If ever Obama were to have a backbone, now is the time he needs to step up & push back.
No one wants watered down bills that re worse than if they had been passed.

Lib~ In a perfect world, they would be fired.

CR ~ They are not *in tune*, they *tune out* the needs of the majority & focus on the wealthy. The plan is to slice & dice Social Security & Medicare (the cat food commission)... maybe make a few token cuts to the defense budgets... but the war fund still takes the lions share of the $$$, when you figure all the costs-- recruitment $, and long term Veteran's care too.... which will get more cuts than the war budget-- we know that is how it will play out.
Thanks for risking your life as a soldier for your country... & by the way--we are going to need bigger co pays from you.

Nonnie~ McConnell is the new face of the GOP?
We're Doomed!

The party of No is upping the ante, with official notices of no cooperation.
This may be an all time low.

Mauigirl said...

It's not as if we didn't already know this was their strategy! Now if only the American people would figure it out, that all they care about is themselves and their rich friends. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and not vote for the GOP in 2012. Or maybe not...sigh.