Saturday, July 30, 2011


One Hundred Dollars
$100 - Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.
Keeps the world moving.

Ten Thousand Dollars
$10,000 - Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.
Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth.

One Million Dollars
$1,000,000 - Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?
Still this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.

One Hundred Million Dollars
$100,000,000 - Plenty to go around for everyone.
Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.

One Billion Dollars
$1,000,000,000 - You will need some help when robbing the bank.
Now we are getting serious!

One Trillion Dollars
When the U.S government speaks about a 1.7 trillion deficit - this is the volumes of cash the U.S. Government borrowed in 2010 to run itself.
Keep in mind it is double stacked pallets of $100 million dollars each, full of $100 dollar bills. You are going to need a lot of trucks to freight this around.

If you spent $1 million a day since Jesus was born, you would have not spent $1 trillion by now...but ~$700 billion- same amount the banks got during bailout.

One Trillion Dollars
Comparison of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars to a standard sized American Football field and European Football field.
Say hello to the Boeing 747-400 transcontinental airliner that's hiding on the right. This was until recently the biggest passenger plane in the world.

15 Trillion Dollars
$15,000,000,000,000- Unless the U.S. government fixes the budget, US national debt (credit card bill) will topple 15 trillion by Christmas 2011.

Statue of Liberty seems rather worried as United States national debt passes 20% of the entire world's combined GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
In 2011 the National Debt will exceed 100% of GDP, and venture into the 100%+ debt-to-GDP ratio that the European PIIGS have (bankrupting nations)

If you live in USA this is also your personal credit card bill; you are responsible along with
everyone else to pay this back. The citizens of USA created the U.S. Government to serve
them, this is what the U.S. Government has done while serving The People.

The unfunded liability is calculated on current tax and funding inputs, and future demographic
shifts in US Population.

Source: Federal Reserve & - visit it to see the debt in real time and get a better grasp of this amazing number.


This is a jaw dropping presentation of just how far in debt tie United States really is. I have to admit, there is a part of me that thinks
 we should default on the debt. Not in a Michelle Bachmann, Tea Party way- where they are so revved up with  anti government
rhetoric it's not even funny, and  is totally irresponsible. But in a way that would make this country sober up about our debt. When I say "our debt" I really mean the debt the GOP is responsible for in the 8 years of the G.W. Bush era.


Fran said...

Sorry the graphic spilled over into the sidebar... maybe it is a metaphor of just how far reaching being in debt $14 trillion bucks really is!

Fran said...

I wanted to add these thoughts, but the graphic is taking too much room:

"President Obama inherited a $1.2 trillion budget deficit, and a $13 trillion Ntl. Debt.
And: Republican leaders supported the tax cuts and wars that (along with the recession, another pre-Obama phenomenon) created that deficit.
Also: Republicans engineered this crisis by attaching unprecedented ideological demands to a routine measure allowing the U.S. to pay its bills.

But whatever happens, Republicans created this crisis. They blew up the debt. They refused to raise the debt ceiling without conditions. And because of their internal divisions, they can’t even decide what those conditions should be. They initially demanded a breakdown of 85% spending cuts and 15% revenue increases, before deciding the deal had to be 100% spending cuts. Some initially praised thebipartisan Gang of Six plan—until Obama endorsed it. Now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a proposal for 100% spending cuts, all of which Republicans had already endorsed –until, of course, Reid proposed them.
President Clinton left behind a substantial surplus, that President Bush vaporized it into a gigantic deficit, that President Obama’s health care reforms will actually reduce the deficit.
But it does seem to be worth pointing out that those facts are still true today. Not that they seem to matter."

I wish there were a way for the U.S. to go into default, as a wake up call. Truth is if you are deeply into debt to the tune of $414 trillion, you really don't deserve a AAA credit rating.
It is like as if we were a young kid with a credit card & we will keep putting things on the card, until the
bank pulls the plug on the card. We would not have enough money to pay all our bills, and frankly, I
do wonder why were still have the credit card. The question though, and we may witness it, if as Harry Reid stated
"at some point, indecision becomes decision", we may wind up defaulting for lack of ability of Congress to come to an agreement.
If so, then it is likely that Geithner & others will be picking & choosing who will get paid.
Yes Social Security, Medicare & the troops should get paid. Buying more weapons & extensive & expensive military
equipment & war funding should be the first to go.... but will they hold hostage those in need, and those who have paid in to the system all their working lives?
I fear the government would have no problem throwing the most in need under the bus to manufacture
a crisis? I think we need a financial reality check, but it should not come to those in need, as the front line of
whom they choose to have to sacrifice most.
60% of the budget is going to military/wars.
Speaker Boehner, who comes up looking most ineffective was yelping @ the podium, wanting the Democrats to put "something on the table" of budget negotiations.
Tax cuts for the rich, and cutting war funding are 2 huge & glaring, and obvious choices.
The Republicans are the ones who ratcheted up the military budget, they should do the right thing & ratchet it down.
Shame on them for targeting the entitlement programs as a first place to make cuts.