Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parliamentary hic procedure....

News Corp. execs, past and present, get grilled in UK 

Fortunately for Rebekah Brooks, they provided her with a large bottle of Vodka
to help her get through the Parliamentary grilling. 

What caption would you give it?


Christopher said...

Yet, CNN hired the smug, arrogant, self-important, limey Brit, Piers Morgan, to replace Larry King?

Morgan, is a Murdoch protege and is the former editor of "News of the World" and later, the "Daily Mirror."

There are seven billion people on earth now and this is the best CNN could come up with?

Fran said...

I had no idea Piers Morgan is of that ilk. Apparently, CNN wants tabloid style shows.
American journalism/media has been majorly tainted by Murdoch.

He is claiming that he knew nothing.
Brooks is responding with "What Rupert Murdoch said".

Smells like guilt to me.
I'd love to see his whole empire crumble-- not just News of the World.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you lefties just say what you really mean. You want FOX taken down because the only free speech you want is your own.

Christopher said...


Suck my cock.

nonnie9999 said...

piers morgan is defending uncle rupie to the hilt. he's an asswipe, and i have no idea why cnn would hire him. he's ugly, he's nasty, he's arrogant, and there's absolutely nothing at all to like about him.

Fran said...

Anonymous: Yes! It's true us lefties would love for Faux snooze to be off the airwaves.
Junk "journalism" dumbs down the country.
Even Faux figured out Glenn Beck is a sham. They put him on the air as long as there was a buck to be made. When even Faux snooze viewers became sick of him & his misspelled chalkboard rants, he's gone.
Also there is a difference between free speech & blather.

Nonnie~ Maybe he needs a large bottle of vodka too? People can vote with their remote.
If no one watches him, he'll be gone too.