Friday, July 29, 2011

Retraction- I heart Moen

A few blog posts ago, I pitched a fit about my dealings with the Moen company re my kitchen sink faucet.
They made a funky designed product & I freely expressed my dissatisfaction.
The clerk said if I think they are replacing the faucet that was not going to happen.
They stalled a few times, then sent the wrong part, each passing day, the flow got worse.
I did ask to speak with a supervisor.
I said having to get replacement parts, holding for 5 minutes each time I call & then waiting, then having to take apart the faucet was not what I signed up for.
She asked how I wanted to resolve the issue, send me a replacement faucet that does not have this funky design flaw.

She agreed to send a replacement faucet.
Free of charge.

I figured I would be getting their cheapest model.

But a few business days later, Fed Ex delivered not only a brand new faucet, but an upgrade.

Shut my mouth.

 I sent an e mail to Moen,  to say not only was the part they sent late, but it was the wrong part. ....

I also took the time to send a thank you  letter for the Supervisor who listened & did the right thing.

My freaking sink is like a gusher now. From barely a trickle to full force flow.

Since I wrote a scathing rant, it is only fair now that since they stepped up, that I post a glowing review. Granted I had to escalate to a supervisor, but my issue has been resolved, and it is only fair that I express my Kudos.

Way to go Moen.


nonnie9999 said...

yay! i always ask for a supervisor. that's how they know you're already mad.

Fran said...

Just so glad they came through & literally allowed me to go with the flow!