Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oils well that ends badly- or- Too Slick for me

Allowing Offshore Exploration to Help Address Rising Fuel Costs

>>>Ok this title should trigger a big red flag. The Bush Administration wants to "help" us?
When they "helped" Iraq, it turned out to be a profit scheme involving oil. Either that or why does this administration not care about other brutal dictators, and human rights violations in Rowanda, or Darfur?
I'm going to say the short answer is, there is no profit to be made.
Allow me to rip into this announcement---

President Bush Lifts An Executive Ban On Oil Exploration In America's Outer Continental Shelf And Calls On Congress To Lift Its Legislative Ban

President Bush lifted an executive ban on producing oil from the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). This means that the only thing standing between the American people and these vast oil resources is action from the Democratically controlled Congress.

>>>That statement alone has me worried!

To reduce pressure on prices, President Bush recognizes the need to increase the supply of oil – especially here at home. For years, his Administration has called on Congress to expand domestic oil production. Unfortunately, Democrats on Capitol Hill have rejected virtually every proposal – and now Americans are paying the price.

>>> Whoah Whoah Whoah- that segment has so much spin, I'm feeling dizzy.

Prez Bush recognized the profit margin of oil supply. For years they have been wringing their hands trying to get to the "precioussssss" oil- not to save America & support the fossil fuel addiction, let's just state up front, someone in the oil tycoon business believes there is profit to be made. If you don;t believe me, ask Exxon Mobile & Shell about the 11.6 billion quarterly profit they just posted.

Experts believe that OCS areas under leasing prohibitions could produce about 18 billion barrels of oil. We will not know for certain until exploration is allowed. The problem is that Congress has restricted access to much of the OCS since the early 1980s. Since then, advances in technology have made it possible to conduct oil exploration in the OCS that is out of sight, protects coral reefs and habitats, and protects against oil spills.

>>> My rheoric-o-meter is in the red zone.

Last month, President Bush asked the Democratic Congress to lift this legislative ban and allow the exploration and development of offshore oil resources. He committed to lift an executive restriction on this exploration if Congress did so, tailoring his executive action to match what Congress passed. However, it has been almost a month since he urged Congress to act – and the Democratic leadership has done nothing. They have not moved any legislation, and as Congress has sat idle, gas prices have continued to increase.

>>>Speaking of sitting idle-- the US has done little or nothing towards requiring better mileage efficiency, or moving towards alternative fuel sources. Let's point the finger in the right direction. ( I think you know which finger I mean!).

This failure to act is unacceptable to American citizens – and it is unacceptable to President Bush. So Bush has issued a memorandum to lift the executive prohibition on oil exploration in the OCS. With this action, executive branch restrictions on this exploration have been cleared away, except for areas within existing marine sanctuaries. Areas near Florida are also off limits until 2022 under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

This is a difficult period for millions of American families. They are rightly angered by Congress' failure to enact common-sense solutions. Today, President Bush has taken every step within his power to allow offshore exploration of the OCS. All that remains is for Democratic leaders in Congress to allow a vote.

This legislation must allow States to have a say in what happens off their shores, provide a way for the Federal Government and States to share new leasing revenues, and ensure the environment is protected.

>>> Funny they should mention that. Because here is what three West Coast States have to say:

:Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, joined with Democratic Govs. Ted Kulongoski of Oregon and Chris Gregoire of Washington to reaffirm their opposition to opening undersea oil fields to new drilling, as part of an elaborate action plan for preserving coastal waters.

The 116-page document outlines ambitious goals for cleaning up coastal waters and beaches, restoring fisheries, preparing for rising sea levels and developing projects that harness energy from waves and tides, among other topics.

"We are united ecologically, and now we are also united politically with Democrats and Republicans here working together and with one powerful voice," said Schwarzenegger, flanked by images of the two other governors beamed in via satellite." (Quoted from the L.A. Times)

>>>Furthermore, I would like to add that on the West Coast, Oregon specifically, there have been "Dead Zones" found in the Ocean-- vast expanses of areas in the Ocean, where suddenly, entire ecosystems, of fish & plants, can't survive. We've already fouled up the waters with human activity, in ways we don't even understand.
How much abuse can our planet endure?

Republicans in Congress have proposed several promising bills that would lift the legislative ban on oil exploration in the OCS. President Bush calls on the House and Senate to pass such good legislation as soon as possible.

This legislation should also take essential steps to expand domestic production from oil shale and in Alaska and to increase refining capacity. Congress should clear the way for our Nation to tap into the extraordinary potential of oil shale – which could provide Americans with domestic oil supplies that are equal to more than a century's worth of current oil imports. Congress should permit exploration in currently restricted areas of northern Alaska – which COULD produce roughly the equivalent of two decades of imported oil from Saudi Arabia. Finally, Congress should enable the expansion of our domestic refining capacity – so that America will no longer have to import millions of barrels of fully refined gasoline from abroad.

>>> I emphasized the word "could". I tried to find the statistic, but it seems the US burns through 20 million barrels of oil PER DAY. The drilling restrictions were put there for sound reasons. They throw in this "we will be careful" clause so gingerly. But seriously-- when oil drilling goes bad, there is no reversing it, and if it is not the drilling, it is oil tanker mishaps.

Go to this link for a sampling of things gone wrong Oil rig disasters

The Oil rig disasters link has them categorized- Deadliest, Most Expensive, Offshore Blowouts, Structural collapse, Sunk Rigs & Hurricane Damage. Let's just say the number & degree of peril in the drilling business is extensive.

These Proposals Will Take Years To Have Their Full Impact, So We Should Move Quickly

For the long run, we are dealing with the demand for oil by promoting alternative energy technologies. President Bush's Administration has worked with Congress to invest in gas-saving technologies like advanced batteries and hybrid vehicles, mandated a large expansion in the use of alternative fuels, and raised fuel efficiency standards to ambitious new levels. With all these steps, we are bringing America closer to the day when we can significantly reduce our reliance on oil.

>>> Doublespeak! If we want to "significantly reduce our reliance on oil" then what w should move quickly on is getting off the oil entirely.


D.K. Raed said...

Excellent, Fran! Sometimes you just gotta sit back & admire the spinning bullshit! Whew!

few people are talking about what happens to the oil that might be drilled in the OCS. the oil companies will sell it to the highest bidder. oh sure, the fed & states make money off the leasing rights, but c'mon, does anyone think that the oil prices won't be further manipulated (higher, of course) when it comes time to sell this batch of fuel? I believe we will have sacrificed our shorelines to send oil to china.

re: alt oil shale ("rocky oil") ... have you seen what those areas of canada look like now that they are being exploited? they look like death, like koyaanasqatsi. talk about environmental disaster.

Dada said...

And how has senator Obama's opinion on offshore drilling evolved regarding this matter lately?

Unknown said...

Obama now wants offshore drilling.

Besidees the fact that it will take ten years for the oil to get to a gas station near you, it will only lower the cost of a gallon of gas by pennies...friggin pennies.

I am sick of this shit. It's as if the Oil companies have created this problem so they can have their minions in the White House and Congress push through offshore drilling before BushCO leaves office.

There is no shortage of oil. I repeat, there is no shortage of why the hell do people think drilling for more will change anything NOW?

Christopher said...

A regular reader commented on my blog that the people of South Dakota voted to open a tundra area to oil drilling.

Who knew South Dakota has oil? I certainly didn't and if we're going to drill, I feel much more comfortable with it on land than in the ocean off the coast of California, Washington, South Carolina and Floria.

Fran said...

DK: With all this talk about how we must stop our reliance on foreign oil being echoed in the media-- I had not even considered the fact that whomever gets the contract could in fact sell the oil to other countries. How could I have missed that? That would be a classic big oil move, where profit is king.

Dada: The growing list of items Obama is doing an about face on is disturbing. It is one thing to reconsider something, but seeing the severe & chronic "spineless" syndrome that has plagued democrats, I'm not liking this trend. Not at all.

Dusty: I'm no oil expert-- I've heard lots about peak oil & that is it not an infinite resource.
But knowing what we DO know-- how oil drilling can & does go bad, what the carbon monoxide pollution does to the planet, & alternative options have been suppressed, it is time to head another direction.

I had once asked a cr dealer about if Toyota is working on getting even more efficiency w the Prius-- his answer was-- why should they? No one else in the industry is close (well maybe Honda), and they can't keep the sippers in stock.

But in the supply/ demand arena-- when gas prices soared, sales of the big guzzlers plummeted. GM just posted a $15 million quarterly loss. They missed the boat to have efficient cars when they are in demand. Could also be they bailed out on having factories here, and when you call to service your GM car loan, you are talking to operators in India.
Maybe loyalty to the compamy plummeted too when they outsourced living wage jobs across the borders, & overseas?

But having an oil tycoon family at the helm, certainly does have a direct impact on the agenda, Eh?

Christopher: I had not thought of South Dakota as an oil reserve-- please don't tell me it sits under Sacred Indian Land. I have to admit-- the Native Americans have been so clear in their resolve-- that there is no amount of money or bribes that is worth giving up the land. They have walked the walk, even willing to live in financial poverty, to save the spiritual link & respect for leaving the land intact. What should I call it? Wealth & wisdom of integrity?

Oil drilling in the ocean seems suicidal, environmentally- just Mother Nature alone- with earthquakes- let's not forget, California, Oregon & Washington are a part of the ring of fire. In fact Oregon has regular earthquakes, they mostly happen just out at sea. they have also had periodic Tsunamis, and an occasional Hurricaines on the West Coast.
Offshore drilling in this Volcanic hotbed is a really bad idea.

Although I agree land based drilling seems to make more sense, I wonder if I would be saying that if it was going to happen in my back yard?

I read about a retired engineer who tinkered with the batteries in his Prius--& got it to run 120 miles to the gallon. I'm seeing write ups for new cars getting 17 mpg in the Saturday paper.

A local company does conversions. For $3000 he converted his pick up truck to run on Canola Oil. He pays no more than .50 CENTS a gallon to run his truck.

The technology to be runing much more efficiently exists NOW, and the ability to change away from oill does too.

I'm guessing future vehicles will be covered with a solar panel exterior finish, and perhaps some wind turbines.

We just need to be thinking outside the (oil) box.

D.K. Raed said...

well fran, I live in the desert, so I want one of those solar cars ASAP! We have bright sunny days even in the frozen winter, so why am I not seeing more solar everything here? Oh yeah, "the technology is there yet" is the standard excuse. This pisses me off because the technology never will be there if it isn't pushed there. I want to get off the oil-teat. My grandparents did without the nasty stuff & we can, too.

As far as Obama talking about offshore drilling ... he is talking about exploiting existing leases first. My guess is it won't go anywhere after that because there's a reason the oil companies have not jumped on pumping out the existing leases they already have rights to. And the first little accident will probably end that deal ... unless we are stupid enough to grant the oil companies liability immunity in the bargain.

D.K. Raed said...

ok, the idiot impaired keyboardist wrote "the technology is there yet" when of course, she meant the opposite, it is NOT there yet. I HATE this wrist-guard thing.

Fran said...

We shall see. Obama was talking compromise.
I think we have compromised this planet enough.

Solar skins were discussed in a PBS show-- they are working on developing entire roof liners & household siding that would be solar collectors. Certainly rooftops... but cars w solar collectors.... considering we have so many vehicles on the road- that would make a significant impact in the right direction re environmental responsibility.

Gotta have a habitat!

DivaJood said...
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DivaJood said...

Obama said he'd consider off-shore drilling as a last resort. It should NEVER be considered. Schwartzenegger is very solid on environmental issues, which surprises me daily.

This is a great post, Fran.

Fran said...

Diva- Arnold has been very good re the environment & I was happy to see all three left coast governators are working in unison to say we need to protect the ocean. Thankfully some before us had the foresight to keep some land & nature protected.... we really must do the same for future generations & to be responsible caretakers of the planet.