Friday, October 31, 2008

Wake Up America!

I have no more patience for it. I listened to a story on PBS about Colorado women who are still "undecided".
This is a tough decision?
After 2846 days of the Bush regime, how on god's green earth can anyone not have a clue as to needing to make a major change away from the direction of this regime?
Do they live in caves? Not have access to any information whatsoever? I will volunteer to help those undecided voters get informed. Let's begin with a speech from a Congressional insider.

This is such a fantastic speech, it deserves to be replayed, on the eve of this election.

Here is a quick summary:
The country is in ruins.
We have color coded terrorism fear charts. We have a patriot act that alleges we must give up rights in order to maintain our freedom We are out of sync with the rest of the world community on environmental responsibility, and one of the biggest consumers. We are headed into the 6th year of 2 wars, costing us $567 billion, and over a million lives lost. Our government spent time debating if torture of prisoners was acceptable, and to what degree. The right for those "detainees" in Guantanamo Bay prison to have a trial (Habeas Corpus) was denied. Prisoners being held for 5 or more years, without even knowing if they are guilty of any crime. That kind of activity is similar to Communist countries, where no promise of a fair, or speedy trial exists. There has been so much corruption, indictments and illegal activity in the republican party, most of us can't even keep track. As much as a lengthy diatribe about all of the atrocities of the Bush administration need to be documented, I want to look back enough to remember how much we have deteriorated. How this once great nation, which was respected,and an honored member of the global community, has fallen. The preemptive invasion & soon to be 6 year illegal occupation of a sovereign nation has been a disaster. The shockingly awful takeover or Iraq was not to liberate the people from a brutal dictator, and a looming threat of a mushroom cloud of weapons of mass destruction, so much as it was getting a foot in the door of the world's 2nd largest oil reserve & a place to operate in the middle east. Even though it is not much in the headlines during this election season, to this day we are still fully engaged in the blood for oil campaign.
I for one would really like to see a full disclosure of how the entire Bush family personally profited from this war. Not only are We engaged in a war based on lies, but there is another layer of lies- the manipulation of the information- having embedded press, their information must be cleared by the military/government before it is approved for release. We get sanitized, manipulated "reports" from Iraq. Those journalists who have tried to report independently, have been kidnapped, killed and injured. 135 journalists have been killed since the March 2003 US invasion of Iraq- more than any other war in history- 128 of them, non-embedded journalists. I think it is safe the notion of installing democracy at gunpoint is a grand failure.
Quagmire accomplished. Staying the course, now that we have all the facts, is absurd.

Our nation is in distress, and it has permeated all levels- social, moral, environmental, financial, we are in serious trouble. In fact, in this topsy-turvy administration, when just about everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, I find it strange that all it takes for some people to be confused, is some ad that says Obama is an "extreme liberal"- pardon me for stating the obvious here.... but is the extreme right wing program we have been stuck in for 8 long years working for us?
I would use the phrases "needing to bridge the gap", or " cross that bridge when you get to it", but under this administration, bridges are collapsing, and or headed to nowhere (Palin/Alaska reference).

Enough Already!

Wake up America!


Billie Greenwood said...

Eloquent and right always, Fran, you are so good!

D.K. Raed said...

At this point, I think anyone who is still undecided, should just stay home and NOT vote. Let the people who care enough to study the issues & evaluate the candidates decide who governs.

Wake up America is a perfect pre-election vid!

D.K. Raed said...

oh ps, I still got the strange lock-out pop-up in trying to access your blog...but this time I just kept clicking on "no" (it was asking me to close this website)...and eventually it relented & let me see your blog again! I have NO clue.

Fran said...

Thanks Border! I'm keeping hope alive.

DK: You & me both..... I thought maybe a widget was making it misbehave.... so I took it out....

Let me know if it continues to misbehave.

Lulu Maude said...

We're almost there. I'm going to vote this morning, and it's the most enthusiastic vote I've ever cast in over 40 years.

Downright therapeutic.

Fran said...

You go girl-- this election feels to me like we are pulling democracy out of the fire, in the 11th hour,
I voted a few weeks ago (Oregon only votes by mail), it felt like such a relief.
I'm hoping for a landslide.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Hi Fran, I breathe a sigh of relief when I find a site such as yours. Thank you for all of it. Really, I heard some of that PBS program and was flabbergasted to hear that anyone could be UNDECIDED. Pulleeeezze.
I also notice a google ad on your website in support of Calif. Prop 8, which is a hate-crime proposition. Does google just post ads randomly? Or has the Prop8 machine infiltrated? Just wondering...

Fran said...

The unequal rights measure. I scanned my widgets, and don't see the pro advertising you mentioned, but maybe they have rotating ads?
I fully support EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone & HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE.
Can I ask which widget had the ad??
Apparently it has been infiltrated.
I'm surprised Google would run such a thing.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Oh Lordy.
It's on the Shadows and Reflections Photography, as well as the National Wildlife Magazine Phot Contest, under the clickable headline: Support Marriage Rights.

Right. Support Marriage Rights. Oh, I could write a bundle about those rights...

enigma4ever said...

"Undecideds" make me very very angry..after ALL that we have been through..

and people that are doing write ins for their cat....

THIS of ALL times is when people need to Vote with their Head and their Heart...

great post...

Fran said...

E~ If they are writing in their Cat for president, let's hope their cat has bootstraps, Eh?

Mariamariacuchita said...

Dennis is right on.

He will never get elected to higher public office, but serves well as the conscience of this country.