Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dawgs in the White House

There have been more dogs in the white house than presidents!
Time Life has a history of dogs in the white house collection, that is a fun romp in remembering past presidential pet history. 
Harry Truman said "You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog."  
Barney & Miss Beazley ~ start packing, a new dog is moving in!


enigma4ever said...

Barney had a bad day...he bit the Reuters reporter...I think he is sad that he will have to leave with the Idiot to go who knows where...( notice they never show him with mrs beazely...)

Hmm, will it be a Lappoodle ?
( lab and doodle mixed Or a retreiver poodle mix ? I think one of the girls has it has to have less dander...)

oh well...very exciting...

so nice that a young family will be there..

Fran said...

I just caught that clip of Barney taking a bite out of a reporter. It's been a rough 8 years for him.
Poor little guy. If only HE could talk-- the stories he could tell!

It will be nice to have kids in the White House again, they help bring us down to earth & remember the future at hand. I think the Obamas will probably do cool things too like invite the poorest school district kids for a special tour of the White house & lunch or other stuff like that. Ask the staff for tea & then insist they sit down & join them & things like that.
I can't wait for the transition. Welcome sanity & humanity!

Fran said...

Even better still~ word is the Obama's will adopt a dog from a shelter.

LET'S TALK said...

That would be great for Obama and his family. As the saying goes...a dog is a mans best friend.

D.K. Raed said...

I remember ALL the presidential dawgs starting with the Kennedys menagerie, then those LBJ beagles. Nixon's dog Checkers always seemed so sweet. Ford had LIBERTY! I always thought the Reagans were only putting on a dog show, that they really had very little to do with their dogs. But even the Bush-dogs were still good dogs.

It would be great if the Obamas could adopt a shelter dog, but they might have to go the rescued breed route to get a hypoallergenic one. I do NOT like breeders, but in order to get a true hypoallergenic dog, perhaps a non-conforming runt that would otherwise be discarded might be nice. It will be so wonderful to see kids & dogs playing on the WH lawn!

If you want a funny, but gross, take on what Barney was really thinking, read The Rude Pundit today (on Engima's blogroll).

Fran said...

I get a kick out of Rude Pundit's writings.... aptly named

I know Barney does not seem to like Bush a few times he gave Barney a command & the dog looked at him like.... later..... and did not comply.

Now with the bite, Barney will probably have to live a secluded life, for the rest of his white house days.

Bush is probably kicking himself, thinking I could have gotten rid of the press much earlier by sicking Barney on them ! Damn!

I loved those old White House pics w pets.....
quite the history. I bet WH pets are quite pampered.