Thursday, November 6, 2008


Jubilant • Historic

Barrier Broken

Sense of Hope

Powerful Leadership

Shifting of Generations

In this together

These are the words that are resonating.

This shift is profound.

Let me start by expressing my joy and congratu
lations to President Elect Barack Obama.
His win is our win. The country, the global community, decency and goodwill are all winners here. The win is especially triumphant because it really did squelch all the nasty, low down tactics the McCain campaign employed.

Rosa sat

so Martin Luther King jr could walk

so Barack Obama could run


This progression has been a long time in coming. Let the healing begin.
Other sundry election results……

• San Francisco was not able to pass the bill that named of the sewage plant after George Bush

• Michigan passed a Medical Marijuana bill & Ok’d Stem Cell research (Way to go Michigan!)

• Washington State joined Oregon in being the 2nd state in the Union with Physician Assisted Suicide (for terminal illness).

• Gay Marriage was banned in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida & California.
Really sad about those results. Equal rights should be for everyone- EVERYONE!

• Oregon’s Senate race is too close to call, as of 8:17 pm PST, they are STILL counting (are they using an abacus??) 79% of the vote counted, mid day the vote flipped in favor of the Democratic candidate, Merkley. At this time, Merkley is 6359 votes ahead. They are having computer software issues, and doing some hand counting in major population areas. Elections officials tells us they have till Nov 20..... Better they get it right, than fast. 
The remaining uncounted votes are in the western, liberal population centers of the State…. meaning favorable for Merkley.
Holding out hope (R) Gordon Smith will get his walking papers. He ran a nasty campaign & is a war mongering Bush bootlicker.

• May I say~ You look really good in Blue ~ Ohio, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Virginia…. maybe even North Carolina. Thank you for keeping hope alive, and helping take back our country. Also to you Blue voters in Red States…. you know who you are. 
Much gratitude to all.

• A special thanks to Pennsylvania. We heart you!

• Libby Dole got her walking papers– she accused her opponent of being “godless”.
North Carolina said “No Sale” to that tactic. Adios Libby!

• Ted Stevens won in Alaska. Seven indictments, just last week, for accepting illegal gifts, this soon to be 85 year old Senator is the longest serving republican- six decades. Do Alaskans LIKE corrupt politicians?
Jeez– it did not occur to Alaskans it was time for him to retire? Are they putting something in the drinking water in Alaska?

• Sarah Palin~ At least we were spared any speech from her last night. The only silver linings here were (verbatim) grand comedy impersonations from Tina Fey, and now we know to keep a closer watch on Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, and Oil & Natural Gas Drilling deals. Palin was a nightmare. Oh! And you might want to get that Voodoo Witch Doctor to do a ritual to purge you of all that hate.

• John McCain~ Delivered a decent concession speech, in which he said the failure to win, was his failure. Agreed. He also said he did not know what he could have done differently. Here’s a clue John, the hate, lies, and incitement of contempt at your rallies may have come off as both negative, and unacceptable. Plus having solid plans of action (other than to serve dirty slander against your opponent) would make a difference. One more thing, selecting a VP worthy of the task would be a good place to examine as well. At least you did call Obama “your president”, and vowed to work together for this county, and that was honorable.
Although the media keeps calling it a “Peaceful transfer of power”, your campaign crossed the line of what was peaceful or ethical. If such venom cost you the election, than I hope it was a valuable lesson. The last thing our country needs is more division and hate. The voters delivered that message to you in very clear terms.

• The Decider~ W, was AWOL, nowhere to be seen on election day. Large crowds gathered by the White House to dance in the streets. The terrorism fear chart level was raised to “Yellow” & higher security put in place. Be afraid George, the game is over. With any luck at all you might be spending some time behind bars for crimes against humanity, and breaking of international laws ~ that would be a legacy you’ve earned & fully deserve.

Do you have any other election updates to share?


Fran said...

8:38 am PST (D) Merkley has pulled ahead by 36,359 votes for the Oregon Senate, w 81% counted.

Looking good!

Fran said...

8:49 AM PST: (D) Merkley declared a winner, the state elections page gives him a 39,354 vote lead.

enigma4ever said...

Hoorray !!! on your win, excellent...
also NC is NOW Blue ...yahoooooo...

( hmmm, and the final electorate count is 364 to ummm, is THAT considered a Landslide??? jus askin..)

Fran said...

I don't know what officially constitutes a landslide-- but let's just call it that. I can't remember the last time an election was called by 9:30 pm PST. But it is clearly a solid majority.
To hear so many voters so deeply moved by this historic change is intense.

This is a change we deeply needed.
We've taken our country back.