Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joe LIEberman


Did Joe LIEberman really think he could campaign for McCain, ride the Straight Talk Express bus, be a key speaker at the Republican Ntl. Convention, then return to the Senate and Caucus with the Democrats?

You tell me ~ Scott Nance wrote this piece:

Moreover, the Democrats may come to rue the day they turned their backs on their colleague. Democrats, self-servingly, waited to hang Lieberman until after the election only to wait until their Senate majority was sufficiently padded so as not to have to rely on Lieberman to maintain that majority.

While it is certainly true Democrats no longer need Lieberman to keep Reid in the majority leader's post, analysts repeatedly are pointing out that Democrats did not reach the magic 60-seat level needed to end filibusters. These analysts say Democrats will need to reach across to a handful of Republicans to move legislation.

That's true, but why make that task harder than it has to be? Why alienate Lieberman further? Instead, since he's been fairly reliable for Democrats other than on Iraq, Lieberman could be kept as a useful vote against filibusters -- unless he is antagonized. It would be more than a shame if one of President Obama's key programs goes down to defeat because of bad blood over this Lieberman thing.

Further, Lieberman has been a leader on two bills to control global climate change. Given the importance carbon regulation will be during Obama's term, again, doesn't it just make sense to keep Lieberman in a position where he can continue to work effectively on that issue?

And the bottom line is: Lieberman is a politicallly broken man.

Markos Moulitsas, of Daily Kos fame, has written of polls that show Lieberman's support in Connecticut has continued to tumble -- so much so, that he would not be re-elected today, even as an independent.

That means Lieberman's years are numbered. This is likely to be his final term.

That takes me back to the president-elect's calls for national unity and national purpose.

You're either part of the solution, or part of the problem. Shouldn't we give Lieberman the chance, in the relatively short time he has left, to be part of the solution?

At least give Lieberman the chance to see if he can live up to that loyalty oath he set out for himself.

Still not buying it? How about this, the old adage that goes: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"?

Lieberman's loyalty changes in whatever direction the wind blows. Therefore Lieberman blows. How's that for a philosophical

Hmmm, let's review ~

• Democrats turned their backs on their colleague?
Wait a minute! If we are discussing back turning, then we pretty much have to acknowledge who jumped on the elephant, so to speak. Turncoat Lieberman was the guy who chose to stand at the podium of the RNC encouraging us all to vote for the Republican candidate & rode the bus campaigning for McCain. McCain!
Lieberman did not just decline to promote the democratic candidate, who is clearly the better choice- but actively promoted McCain. Not only did Lieberman exhibit bad taste in candidates, but he showcased himself as being out of touch with the country.

• Analysts say Democrats will need to reach across to a handful of Republicans to move legislation.
Who are we kidding-- Lieberman is already across the aisle. Furthermore, if he fully plays partisan politics, he is only shooting himself in the foot.

• Why alienate Lieberman further?
That ship has already sailed! Come on- he urged voters to pick McCain @ the RNC, how much more alienated can a politician be?

• Doesn't it just make sense to keep Lieberman in a position where he can continue to work effectively on that (global warming) issue?
Again, if Lieberman wants to be effective on any issue, he can do it from either side of the aisle. He chose what side of the aisle he's on in a very public way. Let's not pretend otherwise.

• National unity and national purpose.
Yes indeed, the ball is in Lieberman's court to do make it so.

I just signed this petition to the members of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, who now determine Joe Lieberman's fate as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Harry Reid has told Lieberman that he has to go, but Joe is now openly threatening the caucus. Please sign this petition and let them know that Lieberman must go, once and for all.

Either that or change Joe to a committee for sewage oversight. (Joe-the-plumber reference). 

Joe has the charisma of a wet dishrag. Joe doing a short tap dance about his "options".
Lieberman now "completely supports Obama". Little bit late Joe Lieberman.
Opt this Joe-- you jumped ship now you live with the consequences.


Burr Deming said...

The anger against Joe Lieberman goes back to 2006. He was not the only Senator who continued to support a forever occupation.

But even then he was unique as a Democrat in going out of his way to taunt those whose support he demanded.

D.K. Raed said...

I will sign that petition RIGHT NOW! Joe has gotta go!

And BTW, if he had any principles, if he REALLY does consider himself a liberal, then it shouldn't matter whether he is a committee chair or not. If he has a conscience, he should vote his conscience on every bill on its own merits.

Reaching 60 senate dems would've been great, but since dems don't usually vote in lockstep anyway, I'm not sure it would've been all that magic. Surely some moderate repubs will hang with the dems on some issues.

Fran said...

The repubs are the minority now in both House & Senate. Having 60 dems would have made them filibuster proof, but they still have the majority, with a democratic president. The tables have turned. Obama can veto anything he does not like from the republican side. But I am sure he is more interested in passing things that need to happen rather than fighting over things he wants to refuse.
The idea being there will be some fantastic good stuff coming from Congress now & it wold behoove them to pass excellent legislation.
There is some light at the end of this tunnel(vision) of the Bush regime.

Unknown said...

I have signed half a dozen petitions to dump lieberman.

The man is a bag o batshit and the Rethugs could use him to his heart's content.

Fran said...

Lieberman is trying to assert himself as some important power player, but he's really a washed up has been with one foot out the door.

He wants to be on the team that won, but happened to align with losers. Sorry Joe, you made your choice.
He is really a politician without a party, which would not be bad if he really were independent, but he's not.
Now he's just pathetic & annoying.

Christopher said...

Don't go away mad, Joe, but do go away and sit on Mitch McConnell's lap.

Lieberman is a total scumbag.

Unknown said...

I hate LIEberman with a zeal usually reserved for child molesters. Seriously.

And he is a man w/out a party..and he needs to be kicked out of the Dem caucus and booted as head of the Homeland Sec haste!!!!!