Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Music & An Invitation

Tracy Chapman~ New Beginning

Just hang in there, our regime change is coming.

Here's a thought~

It's so easy to say what we don't like, it's harder to come up with viable solutions.


So can you think of several great ideas, changes you want, solutions or directions we can take to shape our future?

Please send them to soon-to-be-President Obama~ click here to get there.

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Share some of your solutions here too!


Fran said...

I want no new Nuclear power plants. If toxic waste is a toxic problem then it is neither clean or safe.

I do want the US to follow Germany's lead to embrace solar power. Make Solar affordable & widespread.

Get onboard with the Kyoto protocol.

Get a court ordered injunction to halt all selling of resources in Alaska while Palins lawsuit to stop the listing of the Polar Bear as an endangered species due to global warming (and therefore protect it;s habitat) while the lawsuit is pending.

Get rid of Gates as Secretary of Defense ~ Seriously!
Heard rumors he might stay on for a while.
Any person who is unable to know if waterboarding is torture should not have the job.

Do not engage in expansion of Afghanistan war.

There's a few of the brain cells firing.

Close Girmo is not on my list because Obama has made that a priority.

What are top issues for you?

libhom said...

I wrote him a week or so ago calling for a rapid and total withdrawal from Iraq.

Here are some ideas:

- Implement an SUV/minivan tax and use the money to pay for more commuter rail transportation. This would fight global warming and be a jobs program.

- Withdraw from the World Trade Organization and repeal NAFTA/CAFTA.

- Include sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and disability in federal hate crimes laws.

- Outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment and housing.

Fran said...

Excellent ideas!

I don't know if the US government will do it- but someone needs to prosecute Bush & Cheney & Rumsfeld & Gonzales for war crimes.

Christopher said...

I wrote President-elect Barack Obama and asked him to stop appointing people who are tied to the Clinton administration.

I don't want his first term to go down in history as an example of "the more things 'change,' the more they stay the same."

This nation is full of bright, talented people, hungry to work for Obama and help him turn the country around. He needs to throw the net out in a bigger gesture.

D.K. Raed said...

Repudiate all of Bush's signing statements, stating once and for all, that NO ONE is above the law! If the congress passes legislation, the president should either endorse it or reject it. He should not be able to pick & choose how or if he will adhere to it. Bad laws will end up in the Supreme Court, as they should.

Fix social security in the most painless way possible by simply eliminating the income limit...meaning that ALL earnings would be subject to SS payroll tax (just the same as medicare tax). Obama has already signaled this which has engendered loud screeching from millionaires. Don't listen to them. They have made out like bandits on the backs of working people for too long.

Don't be afraid of instituting economic socialist measures. Just be sure to call them something else. Don't let the opposition define your proposals. Use the echo chamber to get your OWN definitions out.

As national health care programs are discussed in congress, don't hide the details. A concise published summary of each proposal would really get the public involved. Blanket the airwaves & netwaves with REAL information, so that we can remain an informed electorate. We need details so that we can become more vested in the outcome.

Give people something positive to do, like a 10-step program, to help get our economy & country back on track. I think most people would honestly comply if it was all laid out for them. Energy consumption is just a start. Go on. Tell us what we can to do to help every sector.

Fran said...

Christopher~ The ghosts of Clinton admin past should not flood the Obama camp... we do want change.

Not only Clinton skeletons from the closet, but WTF about keeping Gates as Sec. of Defense? A Bushie?
I am really shocked he would keep any high level staffer from the Bush genre. Please!

DK~ I hear Obama is poised to undo 100 Bush signing statements ASAP. the joy of it, is he needs no congressional permission. Obama can undo them wholesale. Yay!

Nobody is even mentioning those Social Security words these days. It was in trouble before the shit started to hit the fan. Boo effing hoo for the screaching millionaires.

Socalism is a good thing.

As the $$$ burns, I fear the health care issue will lose it's wind.

People are so used to I • me • my in the wealthy sector, it will take some work to make the shift.

But at least these ideas are getting floated to the Obama camp.

I love that they are taking ideas from us Washington outsiders.

It's like a whole 'nuther world.


Christopher said...


Maybe we're underestimating Barack?

Maybe, he's implementing the adage of "keep your friends close but your enemies closer?"

I have blanket contempt for the Borg Queen. I live in New York and yes, I voted for her, but she hasn't done a fucking thing for this state as far as I can see.

Fran said...

As Sec of state Hillary would be away a lot.... he's choosing her for a job that sends her far away.

I do think Obama will do an amazing job of turning things around. People just have to be realistic and patient, because there is so much to fix.

In the past regime we all cringed ask asked with dread, what did he do now?

Now we can ask the question with positivity.

Who will NY State choose to replace her in the Senate?
She did seem pretty lame as a Senator, changing her vote whatever way the wind blowed. Lacking spine.

Christopher said...

Who will NY State choose to replace her in the Senate?

What I'm hearing is, Gov. Patterson will tap AG Andrew Cuomo!

Wooo Hooo!

He's a real liberal and not a DINO Democrat like the Borg Queen.

D.K. Raed said...

I'm on the fence about Hillary for Sec State, but I trust Obama to know who he can work with. The best thing about an appointed position is he can send her packing if she doesn't work out.