Thursday, March 5, 2009


I really am trying to keep a positive outlook, but reality keeps broadsiding my optimism.

• Joe's Sports & Outdoors (formerly G.I. Joes), with 30 stores in the Pacific NW, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

• General Motors is talking about Bankruptcy.... just a formality for restructuring, they say.

• The local hospital, just built a $550 million dollar state-of-the-art huge hospital complex, that opened August of 2008.
They said "major reductions" are to be announced because "The recession has skyrocketed the amount of uninsured people coming in for medical services". Managers are taking pay cuts, and more specifics will be made pubic soon.

• Oregon State has an $850 million dollar budget deficit.

• The Public University system will have budget cutbacks, and is raising Surcharge fees to students.

• Monaco Coach may have dropped the ball for employees. Federal law requires companies provide 60 days notice to employees if they intend to close a plant or lay off more than one-third of their work force. Most likely it would take a class-action lawsuit "to pay each aggrieved employee back pay & benefits for the period of violation, up to 60 days". They could also be subject to a local government fine- civil penalty of up to $500 per day for each day of violation.
2000 workers chumped out of fair notice & nothing but time on their hands. Or as I mentioned to the husband, if no one else in Lane County is working, at least the lawyers will be!

• In happier news, due to the stimulation bill, we got a $20 a week raise in unemployment payments. Fist jabs to the Big O.... Woo Hoo!

All of the above was just yesterday's news!

Just so I am not accused of being mired in doom & gloom, I'm posting this 1938 clip of Miss Sunshine herself... Shirley Temple singing *Be Optimistic*.

Truth be known, Mr. Ramblings has been looking for work for the last 12 weeks, while on temporary layoff. The busiest place in town is the Employment Office, where people sign up for unemployment compensation. Do you know anyone who EVER actually got a job through a State Employment Office? Also turns out you have to be within poverty level to qualify for the displaced worker program (at least the one he looked into ). While he is on unemployment, with me working, we don't qualify.
I don't mean to dwell in the negative, but just about every sector is taking a hit in my hometown.


Fran said...

This just in:
COBURG, Ore. (AP) - Recreational vehicle maker Monaco Coach Corp., which has seen sales plunge amid the recession, said Thursday it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The company said it plans to continue operating as it prepares to sell off parts or all of its business.

The RV maker, which sent termination notices to nearly all its remaining employees earlier this week after an unsuccessful 20-month turnaround effort, said it owes between $100 million and $500 million and has assets in the same range.

The Coburg, Ore.-based company estimated it has between 25,000 and 50,000 creditors.

So much for the potential class action lawsuit- who wants to get in line with 50,000 creditors?

Unknown said...

With half a dozen cities showing a 20-35% unemployment rate in my county..I know how fucked up this all is for you guys.

I love that movie is it the Good Ship Lollipop one?

Fran said...

Your county is getting hit hard. Damn.

I think she was younger, shorter & chubbier in the Good Ship lollipop movie....

I have no idea what movie this was from.....
just cracked me up.

Mauigirl said...

So sorry about the job situation - but thanks for posting the Shirley Temple clip. She was so cute. I'm sure they needed that upbeat optimism in 1938 - we can see why she was so popular back then.

Distributorcap said...


i dont think we have hit anywhere near bottom

on a liter note - we can all live in one big happy Bushville together...


enigma4ever said...

I am so sorry...but it is happening is not just where you are ( I say that as a comfort...cold comfort that it is....)

sigh.....grrrr....Dcap is right- we can all move to Bushville together....

thank you for keeping us updated...I do think it is good to keep all of us Knowing what is going on- everywhere....Reality is what it is....

It is indeed the end of the Rose Colored Glasses Bush Era....