Saturday, March 7, 2009

She's got soul

First Lady Michelle Obama could be hanging out with the upper crust in the White House, having waitstaff serve luncheons or some fancy socialite event- so where do we find her?

Helping to serve a meal at the local D.C. soup kitchen.

Michelle takes the time to encourage people, if you don't have the resources to donate to help out those struggling, you can donate your time. We need to lift each other up, be supportive, and help out.

Wow! Never saw Laura or Babbs setting foot into a place with struggling, homeless, poor people in need.
Michelle Obama is not going to squander her time as First Lady, she is going to make a difference.


Unknown said...

I love that woman!!!

Truth be told...even more than her spouse. ;)

Unknown said...

Could you put this on Sirens? (If not I will) :)

Annette said...

She is pretty awesome.. and still gets attacked.. just because some guy took her picture with a cell phone.. some right wing nut job wants to know how he can afford a fancy camera phone.. never knowing if he was really homeless, not knowing anything at all about him.. just attacking her for whatever who knows.. It was written up in Salon.. and I guess Malkin bitch wrote about it.. and went a little over board and her peoples attacked her... so maybe some good came of it.

Fran said...

Yep Dusty on both accounts.

Annette~ As we all know all cell phones pretty much come standard with a camera.
As far as First Ladies go- we had Babbs who stated the people in the Astrodome had it good- better than their pre Katrina poverty lifestyles.
In a let them eat cake kind of snooty arrogance.

Laura told us not to buy gems from Burma.

Real cutting edge stuff, ya know?

I think Michelle O is going to use the position for good & to enlighten... she already is. HA!

Mauigirl said...

Good for Michelle. She is a great example to the country.

Distributorcap said...

i think Michelle rocks (and she is gorgeous on top of it!)

Babs and Laura - too buys eating the cake they won't let th elittle people eat

enigma4ever said...

I am so so proud of her as OUR first just gets more and more interesting by the day....she is real...throughtful and sincere..

( last winter I shook her hand and got her to sign my Audacity book after standing for hours to see her here in Ctown, I saw her before we ever saw Obama, I was so amazed by her, she spoke from the heart...I will treasure that forever now....she is so inspiring...)

Lulu Maude said...

Beauty is as beauty does. And she's doin' a whole lotta beauty.

Ah, that soulful face atop that soulful self.

Fran said...

Maui~ Sure hope folks follow her lead.

D Cap~ She's done more in FEW MONTHS then both former first ladies combined.

E ~ Sweet! She is doing a great job. Nice you got to meet & get her autograph. She has the spark to inspire & motivate.

Lulu~ She gets it. Yay!