Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's good enough, smart enough & dog gone it.....

The Minnesota State Supreme Court has ruled against Norm Coleman's appeal!
He's good enough, smart enough & dog gone it..... people voted for AL FRANKEN.

I've said it all along-- if the Senate needs anything, it needs a comedian.

By the way- Norm Coleman deserves the Minnesota Douche Bag of the Year Award, for dragging this out for half a year.
What a waste of time & money.

How much money?
Huff Po reports: "Republican Norm Coleman must pay Democrat Al Franken $94,783 to cover court costs for his appeal of Minnesota Senate election results.

Minnesota law required Coleman to cover some of Franken's court costs because the race's outcome didn't change. The judgment excludes Franken's attorney fees.

The men have spent $50 million so far on their campaigns and legal fight over the November election. That's more than double the cost of the 2002 race when Coleman captured what had been a Democratic seat."

Why such a fight?

"With Franken and the usual backing of two independents, Democrats will have a big enough majority to overcome Republican filibusters."

Before we put on party hats.....

Oh Crap! That means we are relying on @#%#@%# JOE LIEBERMAN (Stood @ the podium of the Republican Ntl. Convention endorsing John McCain) & Bernie Sanders.
Also the likes of turncoat Arlen Specter, who recently joined the ranks of Democrats, because he figured the GOP is the losing party at this time.

Looks like this dog & pony show will continue after all.....


Spadoman said...

I lived in Minnesota for several years. Even now, in Wisconsin, the huge Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area is a scant 30 miles away, across the water that divides the states.

I was a fan of Paul Welstone. Wisconsin has Russ Feingold, a similar character. Franken talks like Welstone and Feingold. I hope he makes some difference of some kind. I also hope his first speech is to end the war(s).

Dog and pony to be sure. Newspapers today around here are saying Coleman will put in a bid to be governor of Minnesota now that he's lost the Senate seat. It just starts all over again and again.


Anonymous said...

I liked hearing Feingolds ideas, the way he spoke out against war, specifically, so I was surprised to find out he is a Republican.

I hope Minnesotans have decided Norm is too full of himself-- the fact he kept dragging out appeal after appeal-- essentially robbed the state of Senate representation for 6 months by not accepting the election result-- that they are done with him .

Kick Coleman to the curb Minnesota!


D.K. Raed said...

1. Feingold is NOT repub, never wuz as far as I know. I wish he & Obey held more sway.

2. Leiberman will always let the dems down, don't know why he doesn't jump ship, but Bernie Sanders? I will follow Bernie to edge of the earth, the ONLY self-proclaimed Socialist in the senate.

3. Specter might be a useful tool for awhile, but I wouldn't donate a red cent to his "dem" reelection campaign.

4. The senate should welcome Franken with a big celebration. It was a very hard battle and he played just right (because doggone it, people LIKE him). Inhofe called him a "clown" the other day. Who is the real clown, an extremely smart guy who made a good living off political and other satire, or Inhofe and his band of merrymen who make such a joke over being concerned about the "real" people of the "real" america, whatever that means (talk about satire)!

4. Coleman is not even douchebag worthy material. No way. Enema? Now you're talking!

Spadoman said...

Thanks Deke, for setting the Feingold record straight. He is a democrat, and goes against the grain ala Paul Welstone often! And like Deke, I like Sanders. I don't "belong" to a party, but if i did, it would be Socialist.

Coleman was a Democrat. He had long hair and resisted the American War in Vietnam. He smoked pot and inhaled! :-) Then, he switched parties some time ago while he was mayor of St. Paul. Once again, I'm in agreement with the Dekemeister, Coleman is NOT douchebag worthy.


Fran said...

DK- I mixed up Feingold with Chuck Hagel, who is a republican, but has spoken out against the war openly & repeatedly. My bad!

Lieberman- an Independ-a publican who caucuses
with the dems.

He's on the fence and his vote matters. Yuck

Specter is a full fledged politician.... anything to stay in office, win the next election.

Franken should do a great job representing.... what a grueling process he had to endure.

Ooooh you ranked Coleman lower than a douche bag.... that's LOW!

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