Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I kid(ney) you not!

Uh, yea.

I had a suspicion, but had hoped it was either wrong, or if right, it would literally, pass.
So I guess you really can call me a stoner-- as this would be the 3rd kidney stone I know about, that I have had.
I won't bore you with the details. I am drinking so much water, I feel like I could float away at any given moment.
This is a stubborn stone working it's way out, I first declined pain meds..... I am rethinking that option!

Meanwhile, enjoy some sarcastic political humor.....


Ghost Dansing said...

that was a funny video.... i hope your kidney stone passes soon and as painlessly as possible.... i like the Alex Chilton song.... maybe you do too.

Fran said...

Fiore rules in sarcastic humor! I love it.

The stone still hanging in there.... Argh!

Chilton is new to me..... song was OK.

nonnie9999 said...

feel better soon, fran! i wrote a song a few years ago for my friend's hubby, who had a kidney stone. maybe it will make you feel better. it's to the tune of cover of the rolling stone:

Well, I'm a big tough guy,
But thought that i would die,
When I got sick the other night,
I thought, "I'm in trouble!",
I was bent over double,
And my wife was sick with fright.

She threw me in the car,
Sped right to the E.R.,
And they did every test that is known,
Oh, I cried like a baby,
Cause there ain't no maybe,
The doc said I have a kidney stone!

Kidney stone,
Oh man, it's a pain like no other,
Geez Louise! It's hurtin' like a mother!
Gonna go right out of my mind,
If I don't pass this kidney stone!!

Now I do like kisses, and I love my missus,
But right now I don't need hugs,
Just pour me glasses of water,
And pass me that vial of drugs.

Now I never thought,
I could be this distraught,
This sure is no way to live!
I sit here drugged and loopy,
With eyes red and droopy,
And they got me pissing through a sieve!


Normal urination,
Would bring such elation,
If I could get this damned thing to pass,
Being sick is such a bummer,
To hurt like this is a pain in the ass.

I've got a busy life, with the kids and the wife,
But right now it all must be postponed,
This pain in my gut,
Really kicked my butt,
So, for now, I'm just gonna stay stoned.


Fran said...

Ha! Great lyrics Nonnie. You nailed it!

Pissin through a sieve..... yep.

Dada said...

Fran: How are you doing? We've all heard the saying, "All good things must pass," but just exactly how long does that take?

Is this something you can leave behind you as the week comes to a close so you can have a stoned free weekend?

Would a massage help? You want me to call my niece in Springfield (the masseuse)?

Fran said...

Thanks for asking Dada~ not passed yet.... I am drinking like a fish (water that is), & have resorted to Rx Vicodan.

Sweet sleep!

That sucker is stubborn.

I've been up & about trying to work with motion & gravity- to no avail just yet.

No fever so far & that's good.
The antibiotics are kicking in.

Woo Hoo! Here's to modern medicine!