Sunday, September 27, 2009

Signs of the times

Play on words~ Beck portrayed as the "Mad Hater" (instead of the Mad Hatter).

Mt. Vernon, Washington, birthplace of Glenn Beck held an official ceremony to give him the key to the city.
Sane locals rolled out the "unwelcome wagon", complete with a plane flying above with a banner reading:

A very unwelcome to you Glenn Beck, insidious hate monger, who serves no purpose but to divide the country by repeating unsubstantiated lies in a vile and venemous style. Beck's words have crossed the line going beyond rating's grabbing with outrageous stuff, but a kind of call to action that is dangerous because of it's frenzy of fear and hate. Signs of the times.....

* Read the HuffPo article & more sign pictures by clicking here.


nonnie9999 said...

the anti-becks are so much more clever than the fauxbot teabaggers. they spell a lot better, too.

Fran said...

Ha ha ha They are a creative bunch.

The mayor gives Beck the key to the city, & the locals fly a banner saying Change the locks- Priceless!

Beck deserves every bit of backlash he gets.

D.K. Raed said...

did ya notice in the group pic you posted lower left, the guy on the far left has a sign saying, UCK ECK?!!!

Of course it was probably a cropped pic, but I think it could start a movement ...


Fran said...

The sign said BUCK FECK

Hrew Sannnity &
Lamn Dimbaugh

D.K. Raed said...

aaah, so it was like Buck Fush! hmmmm, I think I like Uck Eck better!

Re the white hat pic, I know it was supposed to be a KKK conehead, but at first glance, I assumed it was a dunce hat!

maybe I need a ision heck?

Spadoman said...

Deke... I always thought the KKK was wearing dunce caps!

Fran.. I have heard of ( )eck, but I have never ever listened to one of his shows. I wonder why it is news that he he said something on his show. Why isn't Amy Goodman reported as saying something, after all, she says some equally dramatic things about the right!
Same old story of money controlling the media. Wonder how many people would listen to him if they didn't report it??!!
Asa for the reception with the city keys? I believe it was newsworthy. In the report I heard on public radio, news agencies had different counts for protestors vs event attendees, just like the RNC and other protests.
I guess controversy and hate mongering sells, eh?


Fran said...

Beck has turned into the Rush Limbaugh of the Tee Vee, the idea is to be a shock jock, making outlandish claims- but he's twisted-- uses a chalkboard & often misspells words (TV is not live, it is pre recorded!), but his presentations make wild assertions that push all the buttons of the wingnuts. As low grade & stupid as that is.... he has a disciple- like following.

I caught clips of him on the internet (never watched his show either).
But he was talking about the census.
What If I don;t fill out my form, will I be fined & jailed (one can only hope!)- but he took it a step further saying *Will they then deny me the right to buy a gun?*.....
So now he's got the NRA stirred up.....
then twisted it in the other direction, saying they don;t ask on the Census if you are a US citizen & pushed the illegal immigrant buttons.

The guy knowingly fans the flames with innuendos, aligations & just plain crazy talk.

He serves up garbage, but people seem to be mesmerized & have that dangerous belief that IF this guy has his own show, and it's broadcast on TV, it MUST be true.

He's kind of doing what Palin did during the pre election rallies..... when she spewed her "palling around with terrorists" kind of talk, resulting in some in the crowd to yell *KILL*, while she stood there with her runway photo-op smile.

There is something about the FOX news crowd that has lost their ability to exercise critical thinking.

I don't know why Amy Goodman is not dominant on the airwaves & this guy's ass has not been fired. This guy really IS a mad hater- complete with the tea party.

DK ~ You have started a whole new language!

Upid erkwad on-f-a-itch hould e n ail or nciting iots. *

Translation: Stupid jerkwad son-of-a-bitch should be in jail for inciting riots.

He makes Bill O'Riley look tame & reasonable!

Mauigirl said...

Loved the protest signs. I also heard a neighboring town decided to give Jon Stewart the key to their city in retaliation.

mulberry said...

ha ha it is good post