Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank you Mr. President & Buh bye Joe Wilson

Jeez! What a roller coaster this health care topic has been. Now Congressperson Wilson R SC, has adapted some kind of bed playground/sporting event kind of tactic- Yelling * You Lie*, while the president makes his address.


If looks could kill, Pelosi herself sent the daggers.

I saw a news blurb saying the rude republican has amassed $200,000 in donations after his inappropriate outburst.

What they failed to report is, the front running democratic opponent Miller has raked in $850,000 in just 24 hours!

I hope Joe Wilson's antics result in his days being numbered in the House of Representatives.

Bad form Joe, not adult enough for the big league/prime time.


nonnie9999 said...

as a resident of floriduhhhh, i'm thrilled that south carolina is the home of the stoopid this month!

Anonymous said...

And sooo it is O.K to stand and aplaud a liar,but bad to state the obvious? Hmmmmmm.......
~nuf said~

Fran said...

Nonnie~ Ha-- you did need a break. Wilson acted like a total jerk & looks like it will cost him his political career.
Ahhh the silver lining.

Anon: Here's the thing-- George Bush holds the dubious honor of not only lying the most, but lying to get us into a war, that 8 years later & to this day is still killing people.
No one stood up & called him a liar, even though it was undeniably true.

Wilson showed his immature & rude behavior as a member of Congress, and disrespected the president and the process.

Just like the people who freaked out about President Obama giving a speech to school kids encouraging them to work hard & be good students, people are losing it over the idea of banding together to get better services & rights against the Goliath for profit insurance industry.

What will the next horror be???

Solar panels on the White House????