Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gingrich: In the hole

No!  Not another affair & yet another wife . Newt overspent his campaign coffers by $1.6 million bucks. Ooops! So Gingrich is charging $50 bucks to have a photo of You-N-Newt. 
Let’s hope old Newt is feeling photogenic-- because he’d need to sell 32,000 pictures to make up the difference.

Newt is cutting his staff by 1/3, and replacing his campaign manager.  Gingrich only has 128 delegate votes.

Don’t you love the fact this  guy wants to run the country, but can’t manage his own campaign spending?

Maybe if they do one of those cutouts--leave Callista's helmet hair & body, 
and you insert your face, this would be popular.

I bet people would pay double the fee for that photo op!



Lulu Maude said...

Zowie! A new look for you, and bankruptcy for Newtsie!

I hope that those creditors don't get burned.

Now that he's dumped his campaign manager, I guess he doesn't have to pay him.

Maybe Callie-Lou can use her feminine wiles to bring in some $$$.

Fran said...

How about that classic prop! Cut taxes (for the 1%), Cut spending (yea Newt, like Campaign Spending), and Oh the Irony! Cut Government-- while running for president!

Let's hope Callie-Lou's feminine wiles are better than her "exceptional" speeches (like Princess Sparkle Pony has posted).

Lulu Maude said...

We could just Photoshop ourselves in for cheap.

(If we ever had the bad taste to want a photo-op...)

Fran said...

Still think the helmet hair cut out photo op would be a big hit. Would Callie-Lou take one for the team? You can tell by her down trodden expression, deep down, she knows this is a book selling tour, not the *road to the Whitehouse*.