Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not tonight- I've got a transvaginal headache

Or maybe the silver lining is one less republican....

Ugh! This guy thinks he's a comedian. Theme music, really? I hope his wife holds that aspirin between her knees with superglue. 
What other workplace would tolerate this kind of out of line chatter? Since the State is required to keep records & transcripts of what is said in legislative sessions, Albo has on the official record, he's not getting any because his wife is revolted by his transvaginal legislating. 

He's not owed an apology.... he owes an apology!

the thread that follows....

 Insertion of an object into a woman's vagina without her consent is rape as defined by Virginia statute. The law regarding transvaginal ultrasounds also said the person being "probed" didn't have the right to refuse. Period. That's state mandated rape, bucko.

Hypocritical Republican lawmaker complains when his wife uses abstinence as a form of birth control and is not mature enough to say the word vaginal when speaking about a law concerning women's vaginas.

Wait, we pay these people with our tax dollars to stand around a talk like this?

Would his little story have been HR approved in the private sector? 

He can vote for a bill but he can't say one of it's stipulations.

New Rule: You need to be able to say the word "vagina" before you try to tell others what to do with it.

If you live in Virginia and can say the word Virginia, you can say the word Vagina.


The average woman is fertile from about age 12 to age 51. That's 39 years of potential child bearing, or maybe an average of 35 years of her life should could get pregnant.
Let's face it, most people- even this joker Albo-, do not have intercourse for the sole purpose of procreation- or making babies  The only reason the issue of birth control is being kicked around is because the men who think they are entitled to be the deciders, have zero chance of ever being pregnant, or birthing a child.

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