Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Romney: Ignorance is bliss

Romney was not "heckled" over fracking, just because he is not aware of drinking water bursting into flames, does not mean that it "ain't so".

Romney's condescending response"don't get so upset about it Madam, it's not worth getting angry about". 
Mitt explains they just use water & chemicals to get the natural gas, like he's reading from a children's book... once upon a time. But the fact is real people have had fracking done in their area, and it uses so much water, it can dry up wells (try running a farm without water), and or the chemicals used taint the water- leaving locals with carcinogenic water. When you are not wealthy, and your local water either goes away or unsafe, I''d say it IS worth getting upset about.  Because most people can't afford to just up and move, or in Mitt's case, move to another one of your many estates. Good luck selling a place w toxic water flowing from the tap. It's also questionable if fracking may be the root cause of recent earthquake activity on the east coast, although not (yet) proven.

Don't worry folks, Mitt is "not aware" of the problem, so everything is just fine-
"it's gone on for decades, and is regulated state by state"

Well, at least he offers voters an alternative, if you don't want fracked flaming toxic water or Canadian tar sands oil, vote for Barack Obama.

This video is worth a listen:

Problem is Obama is not solid on fracking or Canadian tar sands oil either.

There was another news clip where the media used the term "heckled" when a woman asked him:

"Do you think it's patriotic to stash your money in the Cayman Islands?"

She was asking a legitimate question. Honestly, when a very wealthy person wants to run for president, it does speak to his ethics, when the potential candidate essentially evaded taxes, by moving his money out of the country-- especially at a time when this country is struggling financially. 
Even if it is "legal" or he found a loophole, he is screwing the country of much needed tax revenues. 

Wavy Gravy reminisces about the *NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT* CAMPAIGN
Somehow apropos for Super Tuesday. 

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