Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunter becomes the hunted

The once emboldened, and armed George Zimmernam, the shooter in the Trayvon Martin murder case, has had the tables turned on him. A local spinoff of the Black Panthers has placed reward money "Wanted" posters for Zimmerman to be turned in.
Since the shooting, Zimmerman has gone into hiding.

The whole case has spun out of control. The original Black Panthers say they have no affiliation w the "New Black Panther" group. The media is having a heyday, now debating  the concept of if Zimmerman was the "victim".

We were not there, and the only facts we do know is that Zimmerman was obsessed w calling the police about black suspects (49 calls in the last year), and that he was carrying a gun, and disobeyed the 9-1-1 operator's directions, to not follow "the suspect".

Zimmerman escalated & pursued the chase of Trayvon Martin. The latest revelations are that the photos that the media had been using , of the fresh faced 12 year old kid, are not what Trayvon Martin actually looked like the day he was shot to death. He was 6'2" and a young man (indeed the shooter said he looked like a teen).

So what? He was a black young man. That is not a crime. If he looked suspicious, or like someone Zimmerman has not seen in the neighborhood, it still does not make him guilty.

If Zimmerman would have listened & waited, the police would have arrived, and talked with Trayvon, and the misunderstanding  would have been resolved. Peacefully. With non-violence.
There was no crime, and he was not a criminal.

Although my hope would be this does not become a distorted battle, racism comes to the forefront.

I honestly believe a young white girl wearing a hoodie that night on Zimmerman's watch, would not have been shot dead.

But now it's turning into a circus. Selling t-shirts. Wondering out loud if the shooter is a victim. Implying that the young man, most current photos of Trayvon make him a scarier, more guilty, justifiable "suspect".

At the end of his 17 year old life, Trayvon saw a stranger with a gun coming after him. He fought for his life. He broke Zimmerman's nose, he physically fought to take away his gun. He was justified in defending himself. He'd done nothing wrong, and now there was an adult male with a gun chasing him.

Zimmerman has had a taste of his own medicine. Now he knows what it feels like to be targeted.
I don't wish him harm, but I do think the actions he chose to escalate and hunt Trayvon Martin are the core of the reason Trayvon is no longer with us. How different this story would be if he would have just waited 5 minutes for the police to arrive.


Christopher said...

Zimmerman is one of those losers who is obsessed with law enforcement.

Cops make a warm fluid run down his leg.

According to 911 tapes played on various media outlets, Zimmerman was asked by the operator if he was in pursuit of Trayvon Martin. He said "yes."

Zimmerman was told by the 911 operator not to pursue -- the police had been called and were on the way.

Based on this exchange, it is clear to me Zimmerman was looking for a confrontation. He wanted to engage Trayvon Martin.

I can't understand why Zimmerman hasn't been charged?

Lulu Maude said...

Just saw police video of Zimmerman being brought in. He doesn't have a broken nose. No scuffs or scratches.

Big old liar. Twitchy-trigger-fingered cop wannabe.

Fran said...

The longer he stays in hiding, the less of the alleged scars the public sees. Wonder if the cops took photos of him, or was that another thing they dropped the ball on?
The city of Sanford tried to whitewash this crime, but I am glad it has become a national outrage.

One black member of congress went to the podium in a hoodie-- Speaker John Boehner got his panties in a knot about dress code & business attire & that the congressman removed by security.

Typical Bonehead Boehner-- a kid was gunned down on the street & his concern is for dress code decorum.