Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring?

Spring turned into a winter wonderland here in Western Oregon (usually rainforest!)
So it's in the 80's in Chicago & Ohio/the Midwest & East Coast... & snowing here??? Because so many trees snapped, taking down power lines, about 15,000 remain without power.
We lucked out & still have electricity & heat. Schools shut down for 2 days in a row-- much to the delight of children, who can ditch homework & enjoy the snow!

The Dogwood tree ~ the right side snapped off the tree from the heavy snow. 7.5 inches fell today!

Officially spring!

Full on busses slip sliding...

Lots of trees came down


Lulu Maude said...

Amazing! It was in the 80s on the first day of spring, but it's going down to 17 tonight in the Green Mountain State.

Fran said...

Crazy! We've resumed our regular rainy/moderate temps, but they are still clearing fallen tree debris, and getting the straggler remaining folks electric restored.

Lots of climate experts say this topsy turvy weather has fruit tree confused-- going into bloom, but still @ risk for late winter frosts, and the extremely mild winter & lack of snowfall opens the doors to potentially worst fire season in 10 years. Colorado should have snow, but instead has tinder dry & a wildfire in March.
Maybe Al Gore's inconvenient truth concept of global warming is not so far fetched after all.