Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote as if lives depend on it

Today is the big day. Please Vote!

CSNY ~ Chicago
This song encapsulates the need for change. Although it shows 1968 DNC footage, the scene of overreacting police played out again at the Republican National Convention, with a new twist, protest organizers were raided and arrested in a preemptive police state. For the record, at the Democratic Ntl Convention, Barack Obama agreed to meet with the Iraq veterans of war group, to hear them out. At the RNC, McCain refused a meeting or to accept a statement letter from the war Veterans.

MLK Speech against war ~ Still rings true 40 years later.

This is it. Our time to start a new beginning. We have endured the most corrupt, inept regime ever in this country for eight long years. So much has transpired, it's hard to remember it all. It began with the stolen election, hanging on a election ballot chad. It quickly progressed to a rapid, downward spiral, where it was not just a simple disagreement of philosophies, but core foundations, domestic and international laws being broken and trampled. the illegal occupations which were supposed to be "easy & quick", this mission, that almost 6 years later, is still not accomplished.

The human rights violations, which not only bankrupts our morality, but puts us at a greater risk. Torture, in the form of the illegal occupation of Iraq, waterboarding, the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses, and the existence of Gitmo. The secret prisoner detainees, tucked away in a remote corner of Cuba. This country stooped to new lows. Color coded terrorism fear charts, Patriot Act violations of the Constitution, and Homeland Security Thugs hauling off card carrying members of the Press, preemptively arresting protest organizers, and beating protestors on the street.

The MIssion is not only Unaccomplished, but a total and complete failure.

While one political party would put their focus on Joe-the-unlicensed-plumber, there are lives hanging in the balance, not only our troops, but the people in the countries we are at war with, and those here in the homeland, living in tent cities, suffering with no healthcare, unable to secure employment in a failed economy.

We must embrace change with all of our passion.


Fran said...

Videos 2 & 3 bring me to tears. I hope they strike a nerve in us all. I hope we still have the compassion & humanity, that allows us to see the truth, and work for change. There really are live in the balance

enigma4ever said...

sheesh..I can tell I am going to spend all day choking up and crying...oh dear....great post..rocked ...totally rocked..it hit every emotion....

gotta find my kleenex....

Hugs friend..
Happy Vote Day....

Fran said...

Thanks E ~ I wanted to stir up the passion of the core heart of the matter at hand here. Break through all the campaign bullshit and remember what our country is doing, and the suffering imposed.

I want this to be a happy day too, but not to lose sight, or get lost in the ads & rhetoric.

Maybe I should put a "grab your kleenex" advisory on the post?