Friday, March 16, 2012

Doonesbury comic banned

I'm posting these because The Oregonian newspaper would not. The Eugene Register Guard is doing a covert censorship, by simply printing a rerun of an older, "non controversial" Doonesbury comic strip.

"This week, the Oregonian pulled the super fabulous comic strip Doonesbury, from Pulitzer Prize winning, Academy Award nominated Garry Trudeau. Why? Well, simply because they don’t like the topic, which happens to be abortion. How very repressive dictator of you, Mr. Anderson. Just because the comic was talking about a constitutionally protected right. Of course, how distasteful.
Beyond these pesky constitutional issues, the justification the Oregonian is using stems from the fact that they don't find the comic “funny.” Interesting that they're in charge of the funny. As a woman who has seen her rights assaulted, abused and generally trotted out for public floggings, I would like to say that I find the idea that the Far Right gets a little ribbing in return a tad humorous. Funnier than, say, hearing a woman called a slut or imagining the reality of transvaginal ultrasound. Can we have just a moment of amusement?" ~ Kristin Teigen
We've been subjected to mostly men in legislative sessions having "to require transvaginal probe or not to transvaginal probe is the question" debates. We've had to endure the topic of abortion in political discussions & campaigns, like as if it fits with other agenda items such as infrastructure, international & energy policies. That's right Women, some politician or legislator is going to make these decisions for you- and if you are a woman- that's not funny.
If we have to endure all the vitriol of making our most personal decisions political fodder, then let us enjoy some of Trudeau's serving of sarcasm. 


Life As I Know It Now said...

As Rachel Maddow points out, trying to censor something just makes people pay more attention to it :)

Fran said...

It's true, but also it then makes you wonder what else are they censoring? Slippery slope.