Thursday, December 25, 2008

good thoughts

Political Cartoonist's Christmas list

Corruption Christmas

Thanks Mark Fiore!


enigma4ever said...

great photo...poor little pumpkin...

Hope your Christmas was warm,...quiet and merry.....

happy boxing day..

( whatever that is !!!)

Fran said...

What a classic photo!
I love Fiore's brand of humor re the links to the toons;.

I made it through my 4 am start to the airport, then to the 6:30 am 8 hour work day.
Well it was holiday pay. I got stuck on a call right at quitting time.... so another 1/2 hour @ double time & 1/2. Oh well if you have to work late, better it be on holiday pay.

but for some reason I am ready to conk out early.

The son is staying here for a few days while the husband is gone, his stuff is moved out... but he is staying as a guest till his housemates return.

the baby bird will fly from the nest.

Mauigirl said...

Great cartoons, thanks for posting.