Monday, December 29, 2008

Hold her in the light

Holding Grandma Naida in the light. She had some kind of heart episode, that resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital. They think it was Atrial Fibrillation, but keeping here there for observation & more tests tomorrow.
Mr. Ramblings is there to visit his Dad, and helping with this situation. 


Utah Savage said...

I'm old and had atrial fibrillation. Had it for months. No hospitalization, but lots of tests. A small procedure to look for other problems, like clots in the heart. It was simple and now I'm doing well with medication to control heart rhythm and clotting. I feel better than ever. Rest easy, She'll probably be fine.

Fran said...

Hey Utah~ thanks for the good thoughts. they are keeping her overnight for observation, and running more tests tomorrow. She has had other heart incidents, so we are hoping it is an easy meds adjustment issue, and nothing more complex.
Grandma is 86 & has been under a great deal of stress, as Grandpa has cancer & recently started doing chemo.

Christopher said...

I asked Jim and he said A-Fib is serious but as Utah said is treatable and most people make a full recovery.

Good thoughts!

D.K. Raed said...

It really has to be of great comfort to your Grandma to have Mr Ramblings there helping with Grandpa while she recovers. That has to be relieving the stress.

Sending good wishes for Grandma's quick come-back.

Fran said...

It's about 8 pm day 2, they did a bunch of tests, and no word on the results. Looks like they are keeping her there overnight again, so I am of course concerned that there is some complication.
Just in the wait & see mode. People are getting stressed out.
One day at a time.

Utah Savage said...

Whatever happens, she will need help with Grandpa. There all kinds of agencies who perform many of the tasks that can kill family caregivers. She's is for sure too old to have the full load of his care. Can you work on lining something permanent up for him? It can be done at home.

Fran said...

Hi Utah~ Grandma, smart cookie that she is, had them move into an assisted care facility a few years ago, they just live in the independent wing, duplex style housing. Till now, they have managed OK & Grandma is, well fiercely independent. My older son lives about 30 miles from them & does come help if/when there is some majorly important thing (such as someone in the hospital, surgery etc).

We have to see what is the recommended action for her health, and then see about some kind of enhanced support program- IF she will allow it.