Sunday, December 14, 2008

"It was amusing"???

Oh. my. god.
The shrub has become some kind of robot.
An Iraqi reporter hurls both his shoes @ Bush, yelling this is a farewell kiss you dog.
This is from the Widows, Orphans & those killed.

Bush later says "it doesn't bother me, it's like people yelling at a political rally, it's like people not gesturing with all 5 fingers".
Yea, George, is it at all a mystery why those things are SOOO very familiar to you?

DK of Redheaded Wisdom posted this link to C SPAN footage.... shows blood on the floor where the reporter was knocked down & a disgusting shot of Bush laughing that creepy laugh afterwards.

As she pointed out, Bush was supposed to be crafting some kind of relief plan for Automakers.
What a lasting image befitting W's legacy.


enigma4ever said...

wow...what a shithead...he didn't care ???didn't care WHY they reporter did it ???

Hell I got some Doc Martins I could heave...hey...maybe we should all heave our shoes at the WH....

Bush is a despicable human heartless conscience...

Fran said...

It would be funny if Bush were pelted with shoes in the US, but no one want's to ruin the Obama's day.

Bush really does not get it, his snively snickering afterwards & making comments that h';s used to this kind of thing....

What a day though! Perino gets a shiner & Bush has to dodge flying shoes.

Damn! That reporter came really close to a good smack in the head. So close!

He earned that honor.

D.K. Raed said...

aaaahhhhh it was sweet moment indeed! Though I'm glad the shoe did NOT connect with Bush's head. If it had, the reporter would probably be renditioned.

You know I NEVER saw any of this on TV news today. It was only when I read about it on Huffington that I went searching for C-Span coverage.

Doesn't Bush have to give some kind of final speech to congress or his staff or something before he leaves office? Wouldn't that be the perfect place from shoe-throwing? The WH maid's big orthopedic clodhoppers would be perfect!

Fran said...

It's true DK~ no one wants the shoe throwing reporter to rot in a secret prison for the rest of their lives for throwing a shoe at the Shrub. I'm sure it would be trumped up to *attempted murder* as opposed to justified outburst of anger, misdemeanor.

Our local news just reported Bush went to Iraq, no footage of the incident. MSNBC ran it though.

That might be a fun action.... have people in the DC area throw shoes on the White House lawn......
in solidarity with the sentiments of this reporter.

What if hundreds of thousands mailed in one shoe to the white house, echoing the sentiment?

It would be worth it to buy a shoe @ Goodwill or send an old shoe. How funny would that be?